Rec’d from Linkis.can someone pls tweet this to @Twitter @jack they’ve locked me out! I can’t get help.

As one of our users you might have noticed that since May, 12, 2017 Linkis ( do not work as they should be. Sorry about that, there is no our fault in it. Anyway, we think that you’ve deserved some explanations.

The reason for that unfortunate event is that on May, 12 we’ve received official notification from Twitter – they’ve informed us that Linkis app was banned due to several problems with its integration with «ViTweet» app (while just a minor part of our users had this integration enabled, some of them weren’t notified of it explicitly by Twitter standards).

In any case we accepted those demands and immediately disabled that integration. Our team did its best to contact Twitter. We’ve tried to establish contact numerous times in order to resume our app activity, for it is being used by hundreds thousands of users, including you.

Despite our desperate efforts which included sending numerous letters and filling in dozens of formal applications currently we still are not able to make a contact with Twitter Team and have our app re enabled. We’ve received a single e-mail from them – on May, 19. That day Twitter has restored the work of our app, but just in an hour it was suspended once again – without any explanations. Since then Twitter prefers to keep silence and we cannot reach them in any form of communication.

For many years Linkis has been around. We admit that previously we were banned by Twitter several times. Nevertheless, those issues were minor, and we always headed towards Twitter requirements, fixing all the issues within the hours. While the Twitter Team always accompanied us in order to restore the work of our app as soon as possible.

This time with sorrow in our hearts we have to admit that it looks like that Twitter has changed its’ policy towards the independent app developers. Today communicating with Twitter team is way much difficult and uneasy.

For now we do not know exactly, how long will it take us to resolve the situation. We seek to get at least some explanations from Twitter. While we wait, we think you deserved some explanation, which we share with you.

No matter that unpleasant situation, we continue to improve our product, expecting that Twitter will start answering our inquiries and eventually we’ll return to you.

For now you have our sincerest apologies for not being able to serve you as we did before. Forgive us, though the matter is out of our hands.

Please note, that if you are a paid Linkis (Convey) user, your payment for this month has been fully refunded due to this unfortunate situation. Your account is still in «premium» mode. As soon as the work of our app will be resumed by Twitter, you will be able to continue to use it for free on May.

Thank you for your patience! If you have any ideas on how to improve current situation or want to share your opinion on what is going on, please, feel free to contact us via email.

Linkis team.

Truth:Twitter has no support team. What linkis says here is similar to the problem i’m having with Twitter “support.”

Nothing they write about Twitter support is surprising. 

Here’s the story(probably your story at one time or another):

My twitter account was suspended.They don’t tell you why so you have to guess.

They do say violation of TOS. Ok,which one?

No idea. I give them the phone no so they can send me a code. 

I get the code and submit it. Message: Technical problem,Try Again.

I tried several times. The code is correct.Then i tried just one time too often.

Now i’m locked out from too many attempts.The message is wait and try again later.

Ok,maybe that’s the problem.I’ll wait,try again and the account should  be open.

Nope. I now have 6 different codes and have contacted their support department several times.

It’s an AUTOMATED message.It does not address the problem.It give me instructions to do the same thing i’ve done now for 2 days straight.I ask support NOT to send another automated letter (saying to put in the code)and to address the SPECIFIC issue-which is what they instruct you to do if you continue to have a problem.

Useless. They send the same AUTOMATED email for every reply you send them.Conclusion:NOBODY IS READING THE MESSAGES.Conclusion: THERE IS NO SUPPORT.NONE.NADA.ZIP.

You  also know they can’t be reading them because as soon as you send them the reply,their message comes flying back. You could write them and tell them to go soak their heads and they would send you the same automated message.

This is day 3.I’m still locked out. I go to

We don’t have any problems at gab.Nobody gets suspended.If you have a problem, there’s support.Frankly,that’s all i ask of ANY company. 

There’s always going to be problems-at one time or another-but if there’s support to address those issues it makes it worth using.

I always appreciate good support.Think most people do.

Look at what Linkis did here:They didn’t even cause the problem and they were considerate enough to send their users a letter of explanation and even an apology they didn’t need to give. Twitter could learn something here.

I’ve been with Twitter for years and met a lot of good people there including our @POTUS Donald Trump;if not for all that i’d be long gone and stick with Gab.Love Gab though.Give them a few years to get off the ground and Twitter will be dust.

I’m sure by then other apps will come up and Twitter will definitely be in the rear view mirror.They better wake up.

Will let you know if i’ve managed the impossible by Monday.

You can contact me  here or at   logo




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