To accept or not accept,that is the question.(Griffin apology)

If you know Kathy Griffin personally you are likely to take her apology as sincere and accept it.

Sen Al Franken did. ( eye roll,but that’s another story)

If you’re a fan you may or may not defend her.

I don’t know her personally and didn’t even know she existed until her name hit the news.

I don’t know our President personally but voted for him and support him.So there might be some bias on my part-just as those who like Kathy Griffin might have some bias on their part.

Let’s leave all that aside momentarily and talk about political correctness.

We-meaning Trump supporters and conservatives- railed against PC.Trump himself tossed it out the window.

So you could make the case for Griffin based on throwing political correctness out the window.You could even defend her right to free speech. You might even put the image in the class of ‘art’.

Let’s forget the point about political correctness in this case.How about just basic human decency we all share? How about SOME respect for the office of the Presidency even if you don’t like Trump? The uproar if this were Obama or Clinton would be headlines for days-probably weeks. I’m sure (and hope)conservatives would never tolerate it either. It’s not exactly about politics and it’s not even exactly about correctness. It’s about some basic shared values we have in our country;even at this point we must at least have a few.
I did not vote for Obama. However, i once came across a tweet that i assessed as being an actual threat to his life and his family’s. I turned it in to the FBI tip line. It was the right thing to do. You don’t threaten to assassinate a sitting President and his family and get away with it. I felt i was not only protecting his life and his family’s life but our country. If that’s not obvious to someone then you are the problem.
I had a terrible opinion of the former President. Still do. I believed he was going to try and destroy our country. Heck,he had communist mentors and influences in his life. Still,it was the right thing to do and I would do it again.We can survive a lot of crap in our country.What we could not survive was the assassination of a sitting President because of a difference in ideology especially because of the deep division already present in our country.
What about free speech? Nobody worries about offending Christians,conservatives, Catholics or Jews. It only takes 1 atheist to shut down the religious freedom of the majority.
What about the argument that the image was art and that someone was trying to be provocative?

It was provocative all right.Goal accomplished.

Is it art? I’m going to go out on a limb here and quote a saint.Pope John Paul II wrote in his Letter to Artists


” Through his works, the artist speaks to others and communicates with them. The history of art, therefore, is not only a story of works produced but also a story of men and women. Works of art speak of their authors; they enable us to know their inner life, and they reveal the original contribution which artists offer to the history of culture.”

I’ll posit that just because an image is provocative doesn’t make it art. You can definitely say the image she was photographed in was provocative-art is a stretch.
You could say the image of Jesus crucified in urine and the image of Mary in dung was provocative. Are we going to assume that being provocative is an essential quality of what makes something art?

Finally,let’s get right down to the nitty gritty now that the image is out there, it got immense backlash(maybe she didn’t expect that)and she has since apologized. People will debate if it’s sincere. They will also decide if they’re willing to accept it.Problem: we can’t forgive her. We weren’t the ones wronged. There’s nothing worse in my book than people accepting the apology of anyone when they’re not the ones wronged by the action.
If someone steals YOUR money and apologizes to the whole neighborhood but not to you how sincere is that apology, even if everyone else accepts it? Were they wronged? Nope.Do they need restitution? Nope.Does it affect them? In a round about way,yes,but not directly.
The point is she never once mentioned the President and his family.
She looked more taken aback by the reaction she got, than remorseful for her own actions.She mentioned the image being pulled.She knows as well as anyone it doesn’t matter in the age of social media. It’s out there now.
There remains the larger question; how is that the left has gotten to the point they think something like this is  acceptable?








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