FBI RAID house in Dearborn Michigan

DEARBORN — The FBI raided a home on Jonathan Street this week.  According to the local FOX News affiliate the feds were there for several hours investigating.  A source told FOX that the raid had to do with national security.According to the local FOX report, neighbors said they saw several boxes being taken from the home. Neighbors also told FOX that two children and two elderly adults moved into the home about a month ago from Lebanon.The FBI took at least one person into custody, according to reports.  “They took somebody out, and this morning I heard people talking about that they had an interview with a lady,” said Maya Knaan, who works in the area.Federal investigators had the street and home blocked off for hours.  This story continues to develop.Dennis Michael Lynch recently visited Dearborn, Michigan.  He captured his trip on video.  The video has been watched more than 2 million times over the past few months.   You can watch it below.

Source: FBI RAID house in Dearborn Michigan

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