The Washington Bubble vs the American Heartland

I wasn’t happy when Attorney General Jeff Sessions  recused  himself from the Russian investigation.I can understand why Pres Trump MIGHT be angry about it-but let’s be realistic.There was no choice.If Sessions had been involved at all, people would have doubted its integrity and accused Trump of a cover up. It was actually better for Trump that he DID recuse himself. We just have to have faith that the truth will come out.It’s not as if the Deputy Attorney General is too shabby.It will be fine.
Jeff Sessions is a good man.He was the first to come out and endorse Trump.

He put his career on the line and i believe helped Trump carry Alabama. I also believe it helped win over a lot of Republican voters. I’m not saying Trump couldn’t do it without him but that’s not something i’d want to second guess. He’s one of the people i hope Trump remains loyal to, unless he does something so egregious there’s no choice.This is Jeff Sessions we’re talking about.He’s not that kind of person.I can’t imagine Sessions doing anything you could characterize as being egregious.

Now we have the Comey hearing tomorrow-later today considering it’s already the 8th.
The media wants the ratings and the liberals want Trump destroyed.The media would like Trump destroyed too; so they hope to kill 2 birds with one stone.

Let’s be frank.There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.Nobody in Russia forced us to vote Trump. The whole idea of that is so stupid it’s hard to imagine anyone falling for it. How does anyone fall for the story of Russia collusion just because the media repeats it . There was nothing to back it up.You can’t keep repeating words and expect them to magically come true.That only works in Oz.You have to wonder if they know it’s bunk but they’re doing it deliberately anyway.
It was a headline looking for a story that wasn’t there. Comey finally put that to rest in his released statement.

The line that the media-and anti Trump people-are latching onto now is Trump asking Comey about his loyalty to him.Loyalty is not a vice,much less a crime.Now why would Trump do that?
Imagine being Trump and from the beginning not only did the Democrats and the Clinton machine oppose you-but the Republican establishment. Imagine being the nominee and people trying to stab you in the back.Imagine having people try to persuade the electoral college not to vote for you.Imagine people bringing up impeachment BEFORE you are even sworn in. Imagine people refusing to attend your inauguration.Further imagine having your appointments held up for weeks on end with no good reason. Finally,imagine people beating the drum with this Russian collusion story as if your 64 million supporters were all Russian agents forced to vote for you by the Kremlin.Think of how stupid that is;yet exactly what they were up to.How about the leaks, knowing the Deep State was out to get you.You’re darned justified to be asking about loyalty from the FBI director, especially when it’s the same director that gave your opponent(Hillary Clinton)a pass.
Since when is loyalty a vice,much less a crime?
Comey would not investigate the leaks.He was looking the other way.
You know who really interfered in our elections? The Deep State trying to take down Trump;a soft coup. The media-undermining the President at every turn publishing lies and leaks. George and Alexander Soros. Antifa.The Resistance. Speaker Paul Ryan and much of the Republican establishment.It’s a good thing we have his back.If not for us who would he have to defend him against the onslaught. It’s a good thing he’s tough. He’s not going to fold either.They keep trying to get us to turn on him because they know if they get us to turn, that’s it. They’re sharks and they’re sleazy.They smell blood in the water,they’ll go for it. I’ve got news for them though.It’s not going to happen. I know MOST of us get it.We’re not sycophants; we just realize that if you’re not with our President then “you’re on the other side”(thank you Andrew for pointing that out).
The media,Washington elites and pundits live in a bubble.The Deep State lives in a world of its own.They believe they are serving our Republic while opposing a President,  we the people, legitimately elected. They’re going to lose.There are more of us than there are of them and we’re far more determined.

They can’t imagine how much we loathe them and with good reason. We’re not into their DC jargon.We don’t care about the nuances they do somersaults over. We’re pretty simple folks. We didn’t elect a  President who spouts political jargon all day long.We don’t see the world through the lens of the media.We don’t hang on every word of the talking heads as if they know something we don’t. They won’t get this;but we love our President,we love our country, we love that we might be able to go about the business of our everyday lives without having to look over our shoulders at Washington.We don’t like the kabuki theater.We’re sick and tired of it.Just do what you say you’re going to do and get something done.Basically it.So Pres Trump tweets to us. Mind your own business.



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