What we knew all along.Trump is vindicated.Finally!

1. the media lies.Anonymous sources don’t cut it especially when they’re colluding with the Clinton campaign and are shills for the previous administration.
2. Comey might have been leaking information.For that matter we’ve known all along that Brennan,Clapper and Rice probably did some leaking of their own. The strange part of the Comey hearing was Comey openly admitting he leaked info to the NY Times.If he had not told the Senate today we might not have ever known-at least not anytime soon.Why did he out himself?Maybe because the penalty for leaking a private unclassified conversation with the President is termination.He was ALREADY fired.He had nothing to lose.Now if the conversation was related to classified info that’s another matter.
3.there’s no need for a special counsel.Comey admitted his leak was to force one. Since there was no Russian collusion with Trump what could we possibly learn?The Deep State is too deep.How can we trust anyone, even Mueller?
4. Some Democrats are trying to force an obstruction of justice charge on Trump.How can you claim an obstruction of justice when the party you’re charging is not under investigation? There’s nothing TO obstruct. IF they mean his hoping Comey would go easy on Flynn that’s just as ridiculous. Trump could have easily put a stop to it by executive privilege preventing Flynn from testifying OR pardoning Flynn. All he said was that he hoped Comey would go easy-he didn’t pressure anyone to drop the investigation. Besides,Comey testified Trump’s desire for the investigation to be wrapped up soon;that’s a contradiction.Trump clearly wanted the investigation to go forward. All he meant was that General Flynn was a good man,PERIOD. Trump’s pov on Flynn was already in the public domain.Comey didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.Trump said the same thing in a press conference that he said to Comey. No secret at all.
5. All this from a man-Comey-who took it upon himself to exonerate a candidate who everyone knows(including Comey) destroyed evidence to cover up a crime.That’s why you destroy evidence. Comey didn’t have the authority to let Clinton off the hook.He should have turned it over to DOJ. Lynch could have recused herself.He claimed he came forward with the information about Hillary Clinton because of the tarmac meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton. Nope,that should have been MORE reason to keep his mouth shut.The meeting was proof there was probably a cover up and a REAL obstruction of justice. The meeting itself should have been investigated by the FBI. Question;how did word of the meeting get out? Wasn’t it a reporter?How did this reporter know enough to be there?

6. Why did Trump fire Comey? For his failure to investigate the leaks. He was fed up with Comey investigating everything but the leaks.The leaking of classified information is a felony.Serious business.Comey had no excuse for not looking into them.


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