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My Life Lessons for Alexa Marie

  • it is never ok to take the life of another human being,except in self defense.Jesus said love your enemies,pray for them,do good to those who hurt you.I don’t recall Jesus saying let your enemies wipe you,your neighbors and country off the map. Self defense is perfectly justifiable and necessary.St Augustine gave us the just war theory.
  •  Abortion is not self defense. What kind of country legalizes killing our own off spring.
  •  I’ve gotten in the habit of making the sign of the cross in public. There is nothing to be ashamed of [by] acknowledging your faith in public.We see hyper sexuality and immodesty plastered all over the place. You can hardly escape it on the internet.Give me one militant atheist to debate. What does he/she have to lose?All an atheist can know is that life is short(it is);man has no idea how to conceptualize eternity.It’s beyond us.TRY to think about it sometime.Begin with the knowledge that God is outside of time.If we really had any idea what the word eternity (or forever)meant bet we’d take stock  of ourselves more often and more seriously. I know i fall short all the time.When i step back and think about it myself, it’s scary.
  • We come,we go.We live,we die.The world still turns.i don’t believe in being angry for long periods of time.It’s like throwing yourself on the floor & holding your breathe till you turn blue.I do believe in righteous indignation; there are injustices so grave they cannot be ignored. On the other hand there are some fights that are just too petty and not worth the destruction they can cause.
  • I was blessed with the opportunity to find out what my parents should have meant to me and realized what an opportunity i had squandered growing up.They weren’t perfect but they were really great people deserving of all the love we could give them.Be there when they need you the most. A nursing home is  ONLY a last resort when you can’t provide the care they need at home.These days there are many different in home agencies to take advantage of. People can come in and assist the family to make living at home possible.It may come to the point a parent(s)requires care they can’t get at home-that’s different .Yes,there are times i beat myself up for what i should have done. I always ask the ‘what if’ question. i think we all do that when we lose a loved one. No matter how many times someone tells you that there isn’t any changing the circumstances,you still ask ‘what if.’ 
  •  I am not homophobic. i do not hate people with same sex attraction. PERIOD. I have a point of view you may not agree with but calling anyone homophobic is nonsense.A sexual relationship is meant for 1 man-1 woman in marriage. Love is love is a platitude. You’re not going to convince me to accept same sex marriage by throwing a slogan in my face.Sexual pleasure is a gift from God. Marriage  is a gift from God. Children are a gift from God. I know how these gifts can be abused. The liberal ideology of the 60’s was very destructive & there’s too many hold overs.They’d already done enough damage.Imagine giving someone the one birthday present they have hoped for the most -you just couldn’t  wait to give it to them-you know that feeling,right? What if they acted like they were so  thrilled to get it; then they turn around,light a fire to it and throw it in the trash?
  • We live in a great country. Know history. It’s important. Hold our Constitution in high regard.Patriotism isn’t corny-it’s  a virtue.Get informed,get involved, get inspired. Herman Cain always told his supporters to stay informed,stay involved,stay inspired.You don’t have to make politics a religion but at least have some idea of what’s going on. 
  •  Set aside quiet time for yourself. The one thing i’ve noticed about the current generation is that they are constantly plugged in,constantly having noise come at them,constantly trying to be busy with something.We don’t always need drama,noise or activity.Set aside time for prayer. Time for a good  book.Time to just take in the fresh air and look up in awe at a night sky.No music,no phone,no people,no tv, no computer,no plans.
  • Great books to read: Catcher in the Rye, 1984,Animal Farm, Invisible Man, Theology of the Body:Human Love in the Divine Plan, The Bible, Confessions(by St Augustine),Anne Frank,Diary of a Young Girl,Righteous Indignation or anyone who would give me a free signed copy of their latest work ie Bill O Reilly,Scott Adams,Newt Gingrich,Sebastian Gorka,Mike Cernovich(off the top of my head).
  • Just ask yourself the question;if i were going to be a castaway on a remote deserted island what one book would i want to have with me?
  • Sometimes i wonder what life lessons you would want to teach me.We’re not speaking, but I’m still allowed to wonder.



The wisdom & spirituality of Venerable Fulton J.Sheen




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