Dear Deep State,weak kneed Republicans and Never Trumpers

if you think for a second we’re going to allow you to remove a duly elected legitimate President that WE put in office you are badly mistaken.The Deep State knew the Trump-Russia collusion story was bunk. The media LIED to the American people for months.Only the easily manipulated and ignorant fell for it-you figured they would.The Republicans, as weak kneed as many of them are, let the President stand alone and take the attacks. I’ve got news for them too. We like VP  Pence.He was a great pick by Mr Trump but we did not vote for him for President. We put Trump at the top  of the ticket. 

Now that the first lie failed miserably you’ve got Mueller in place and you’re going to try and find the next great lie to hang on the President.If you think you can force him  to resign you’ve lost it.We’ve got his back. If you think you can weaken his presidency  and impede his agenda, you will only strengthen his resolve and our support will remain.We are not only  steadfast but we get even stronger.Finally,if you actually manage to remove him from office the Republic is over and we will do whatever it takes to destroy you.We will hold the media just as responsible.They will rue the day.

The left-especially the radical stupid left-doesn’t realize that removing a President from office by the Deep State is actually putting an illegitimate person in office and destroying ,once and for all,our free and fair elections. They think this is how  you get your way. They’re babies. The Deep State is dangerous.

The left is trying to pin the assassination attempt in Alexandria Va on all of us.Nope.They own it.It’s their rhetoric about Trump being Hitler or in cahoots with the Russians( TOTAL CONTRADICTIONS.He can’t be both)and trying to paint him as evil is what makes the violence of antifa,the resistance and the shooting at Va. possible.The left IS responsible.Not us.Not Trump. Not the Republicans.The left has become violent. They are everything they paint the other side as being. They are the FACISTS;that’s how it works.Joseph Gobbel would be proud of them.

Marco Rubio is finally standing up for our President. Rubio was outstanding in Miami with the President today. He was outstanding on the intelligence committee, questioning James Comey.

A few other Republicans have stood up for our President,notably Sen Scalise.Scalise has never been afraid to stand up for our President.When it came to the time he could have used their help, many had no spine.On the other side,you have Speaker Ryan aka Mr Never Trumper.I don’t think he’s changed 1 iota.I hope Paul Nehlen beats him this time.They  need a good shake up.Nehlen is just the person to do that. (Cya Ryan)
The Deep State has to stop. The media has to get a grip,start doing some real journalism or just die;replaced by social media.They have to know that the truth gets out in spite of them.It’s why Donald Trump won.No matter what they told us and thought we would buy ,we knew better through social media.We found the truth in spite of their lies.
The Deep State had better stop and let our POTUS get on with the people’s business.IF they don’t and they succeed in his destruction we are NOT going  to sit idly by.What they will put into motion is something they better think seriously about.Maybe they believe they are doing this for the benefit of the country.It’s not going to work out that way.Sorry,but that’s just delusional on their part.We are law abiding citizens.It’s why we voted Trump.We love our country.Again,it’s why we voted Trump. You take away our vote and the man we put into office with it,you won’t like the outcome.
The Mueller fiasco must stop. We,the people,MUST demand it and not let up until he’s gone.The whole thing is a dog and pony show  featuring Clinton lawyers and donors.




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