The Average Trump supporter vs the #Resistance #Antifa

We voted Trump because we wanted law and order restored.You went with Antifa.

We voted Trump because we believed in America First.You chose illegals & refugees, even if that meant having a criminal element in our towns,cities and neighborhoods.

We voted Trump because we were tired of business as usual.You didn’t mind having business as usual.

We voted Trump because we’d had it with being politically correct.You opposed freedom of speech.

We voted Trump because we were tired of the attacks on people of faith. You opposed freedom of religion.

We voted Trump because people needed jobs.You put ideology over everything else.

We voted Trump because we were tired of seeing our country ripped off by other countries.You dreamed of open borders.

We voted Trump because we were proud of being Americans. You burned the American flag & disrespected our traditions.We shout USA,USA,USA.We stand for the National Anthem.We are proud to say the pledge of allegiance.Yes,we joined the Tea Party and we were targeted by the IRS for it. We didn’t riot. We didn’t burn the flag.We didn’t attack anyone and we didn’t shut down free speech.We never called for the impeachment of Pres Obama.We went to the polls and voted Republican because that’s how it’s done here.Patriotism is a virtue. You consider it a vice.

We voted Trump because we wanted ALL our citizens to have a chance to succeed. You wanted socialism even when  you saw Venezuela fall into starvation,chaos and dictatorship.

We voted Trump because we knew he was a man of his word. He wanted to Make America Great Again. You voted for someone who didn’t think twice about lying and lining her own pocket.She was actually under investigation by the FBI. You supported that? 

Trump reached across the aisle to no avail.You gave him resist.He would have been so easy to work with. 
Trump didn’t run to get fame,fortune or power.He had all that. What’s he gotten for his efforts-from day 1 (even BEFORE his inauguration)-demands for IMPEACHMENT. He hadn’t even been sworn in yet and you wanted him removed from office. The American people are fair.They’re willing to give our Presidents a chance;even if they don’t vote for that person. Not you people.He’s not even sworn in and you want him impeached? Do you have any idea how crazy and destructive  that is?

Look here people.I did NOT vote for Barack Obama.I won’t take up your time with the reasons. There’s plenty but it’s beside the point.I never called for his resignation,impeachment or expected the Republicans to skip his inauguration.They didn’t. They approved his cabinet appointments.  

I would never have given his assassination a thought. I would NEVER consider the assassination of any elected President for any reason. Obama was elected twice. i couldn’t stand it but that’s the way it works and life goes on. I got up the next morning and put on a pot of coffee like any other day.

I looked at the way you people reacted.Who does all that?




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