Bubble,Bubble,Toil and Trouble

Chris Stirewalt was on Fox commenting on the Georgia Special Election last night.You see Mr. Stirewalt has a title.Something like political commentator,analyst or something.We know them as pundits.It means they are supposed to know a great deal about politics or a great deal more than us,right? He seemed to cast doubt about the Georgia election if it were a referendum on Pres Trump and the environment he’s created.Something to that effect anyway.

Well,they DID make it a referendum on Trump and Stirewalt pointed out Trump’s low approval numbers and how people didn’t like him. Funny how they yelled loudly and chanted Trump,Trump,Trump during Handel’s Victory speech.I was on Twitter spreading the word about Handel as were ALL the Trump supporters.Imagine that.

We all know the polls have to be right. Remember this was going to be close race; a dead heat we heard.

I’ve got news for Mr. Stirewalt and ALL the media pundits who write off Trump on the left and right. The polls had Hillary beating the tar out of Trump.They were way off.They said the  folks would not come  out and vote Trump.The rallies were always packed and they waited in line for hours.They voted.

I’ve got more news for Mr. Stirewalt,the folks love our POTUS.

The left can keep saying Russia,Russia,Russia and throw the impeachment word around all day long.The right can keep saying he shouldn’t be tweeting and how he should tone it down.

The folks out here don’t care about those things. The problem with people like Stirewalt and all those people who are supposed to know so much, is that they live in their bubble.

The only importance they have is what they pronounce on themselves.PERIOD.We live in a whole different world.You stay there Mr. Stirewalt.We’ll stay here. My take: you geniuses don’t know squid.


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