as pretty as a flower @alexa_wotus

yellow roses and blue butterflies.png


…purple,lavender,shades of blue and violet-prettiest colors on the planet!Screenshot_680



leaving everything in God’s hands.Poor Clare Adoration Nun


your family tree:

Libby put a lot of time and effort into the tree.It begins in Poland.Type in your own name if you want to begin there.


***I spilled coffee on my desk a few weeks ago.Managed to save the keyboard but the mouse was another story.I didn’t realize it got wet and dried it much too late.Damage already done.The left click button works fine.The right click when it wants to. Nearly every image here was saved as a screen shot,rather than saved as. It will be next week before I can replace the mouse with a new one. From now on,coffee is not going to be so close to the desk and we’re  keeping a towel handy.



Catholic.conservative. Pro life.Period.

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