Should Pres Trump Apologize? Edited version

I got Howard Kurtz’s point [on Fox News] that this is the President speaking and Mika and Joe are only the media.

You mean to tell me that Joe and Mika can call our President a scum,liar,pooping his pants, thug-just to name a few-and they get to skate because they’re the news media?

You mean to tell me they and other networks ran wild for a YEAR lying over and over about the Russian collusion story because they wanted to take him out? 

How about Speaker Ryan,Ben Sasse and Jeb Bush and their shark attacks? Where have they been for the past year standing up for the President? Nowhere to  be found.

We KNOW they’ve been working against the President. It’s too obvious. We’ve all known where a lot of these  people  stood.In fact, they didn’t have to lift a finger to destroy the President.They sat back SILENT as hell letting the Democrats and media do their dirty work for them.

Does anyone realize what these people have been trying to do? That’s no big deal?

How about this? They apologize first. Let’s see how that goes.

Paul Ryan,Ben Sasse and Jeb Bush can go sit down now.

I’ve been meaning to say this for some time about the media:chew on this.

We know that there are scandals and people-especially politicians-can do incredibly terrible things and think they’re above the law.I get that. I also know that there are decent people or even marginally decent people who keep a clean nose and mean well.Good people who have had their lives TOTALLY destroyed because of the media.

Now we have a media on mission to totally destroy our President-and our country,when you get right down to it- spitting in the face of the people who voted for him.Who has  held them accountable and made a big stink like some people are now? 

Who talks about a President the way these people do? It’s not even constructive legitimate criticism.

The Republicans had no spine when Obama was President.

They had no spine whatsoever when our President was being eaten alive  by these people.A word about the Griffin photo shoot,the Shakespeare play,the Russian collusion or the constant media barrage? Nope. Nothing,nada,zip.Now they stand up when it’s an attack against him? I can’t say all the Republicans.There have been a few good souls who  have stood by him from the get.They don’t get time in the media. 




Catholic.conservative. Pro life.Period.

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