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Here’s some pointers for people in the cable news business. I would think they are being taught in journalism class;apparently not.

  1. you are not the story. Lately the news has become news.You’re overestimating  your own importance and not getting the stories.Let’s not forget that getting the  story  IS your main job.
  2.  We don’t care who you like or don’t like.It’s obvious you were disappointed (actually angry is probably more accurate)Donald Trump was elected President. One of THE best cable news slogans is Fox News channel’s “We Report,You Decide.” This should be the motto of every cable news outlet or print journalism(ie newspapers).Fox News is not without their own bias but at least they try to live up to their  ‘brand’.
  3. What was going on at CNN is indicative of a larger problem with cable news.What has been  going on  at msnbc with Scarborough and Brezinski is shameful. News anchors are not celebrities.Pundits are not opinion gods.I get the cable news networks are fighting for ratings and that a 24/7 news cycle is a challenge but it’s no excuse for the garbage we’re getting.
  4. We know you were disappointed Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election.You worked hard for her.Some of you cheated for her. I can tell you numerous reasons why Donald Trump won but the main reason is simple.We voted for him.Now go back and look at the coverage of his historic win and the coverage since then.I’m surprised he didn’t tweet about  Scarborough and Brezinski sooner than he did. Personally,I think he was TOO  patient. Newsflash:he may be patient but he’s not going to take it sitting down. You’re going to use the mantra that it’s not “presidential” of him to punch back;that’s your COVER.You think you can dish it out and he has to take it because that’s ‘presidential’. Lame.He’s not Romney or Bush. He got elected to drain the swamp. 
  5. After everything  he has put up with since Jan, the tweet [everyone is making a stink about]is mild.NO,he did not criticize Mika’s looks. Actually, he criticized her intellect(not her looks) and you missed that.Joe- a male- got equal time.Anyone want to take a look at the crap that’s been thrown at conservative women for years? You’re journalists.You have access to all the cable news archives.Stop being lazy-go look em up.


If cable news started doing its job the ratings would follow. Nobody is going to overlook good journalism for long. Remember,we now have social  media.You wouldn’t cover the Trump rallies? Ok,I went to and some people got them from you tube.You refused to show the crowds.They did. You wanted to filter out his message.We got it in spite of you. You refuse to cover anything news worthy-no problem.We go to Twitter.Unfortunately you insult the intelligence of the rest of your viewers-the ones who eat up your garbage in their hatred of Pres Trump-by counting on their lack of discernment.

You probably won’t learn a thing and keep going after Trump personally rather than report news. You’ll probably keep putting out bogus stories and fail to recant or hold the reporter accountable. The Pres can’t sue you and you know  it.You obviously know he’s going to hit back eventually so you’ll egg it on just for ratings. If he does hit back  the first words from detractors will be-“it’s not Presidential.” We’re not fooled. How long is that “it’s not presidential” going to hold up? 

You forget one thing: we elected Trump, in part,because he wasn’t the conventional sit back and take the media garbage kind of person.He’d fight for America,he’d fight for us,he’d fight for what he believed in and stand up for himself.Got that? We don’t care.See, you think you should keep going low and he should go high.Nope. You go low,he’ll sucker punch you with truth. You may not like the way he puts it but that’s the way it’s going to be.

Now you’re worried about violence against the media.Calm down.We’re law abiding citizens.Where’s the reports on violence against Trump supporters? Where’s the reports on George Soros? Where’s the reports on Antifa? Where’s the reports on the Deep State?How about uncovering the effort to get Pres Trump out of office? Oh that’s right-you’re PART OF that effort.Sorry;didn’t mean to expect the swamp to drain itself.




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