The Libtard Brigade

I never liked the name Libtard; ok with people using it. Get the point.I just don’t like the idea of taking a whole group of people and implying all of them are not mentally there. However,after seeing how many people [known as liberals] are falling for the media propaganda, beginning to think many  of them aren’t the sharpest pencils in the box.Name calling probably doesn’t help our side but it doesn’t seem like reasonable discussion works either.

Pres Trump called the media the enemy of the American people.The media doesn’t like it.

An enemy is someone who is not on your side and that aptly describes American media. I have never seen it worse;when a cable news network colludes with a campaign, actively participating to get a candidate elected, it doesn’t get any lower. I would never have voted for Bernie either  but face the facts.The DNC rigged it for Hillary.What an honest bunch of people they are.You don’t think they’d do worse against Trump knowing what they did to one of their own? THINK!

We have the viewers who were all set to have Hillary Clinton become President. We have the media who were convinced she would win. We have Clinton who believed she was entitled. It was “her turn”.

Even Pres Obama was convinced Donald Trump would never become President.I can’t get in Obama’s head but it’s possible he was saying it to brand Trump;that is, convince people this wasn’t the kind of candidate you would elect. Think of all the newsprint that tried to paint Trump as a clown. 

I had the feeling they were all wrong. I watched the Trump rallies.The crowds were huge and wildly enthused.Then the media said they would never get out to vote. They stood for HOURS even in inclement weather. What made the media think they would NOT vote? 

I also watched as the major cable networks refused to show the size of the crowds for then Pres elect Trump.Fortunately for his supporters social media made up for the lack of honesty.I had an online source to get full coverage of the rallies.They showed the crowds.They left out the media spin.I could see with my own eyes what was REALLY going on.Thank you Twitter.As much as they try to censor, the truth always gets out.Thank you reddit/the_donald. I got a lot of information from the good people there.

Truth is a force you can’t stop. The problem with the liberals is they only want to confirm what they believe to be true and the media feeds them lies.

You could call that being WILLFULLY ignorant.You don’t really want to know the truth so you only use those sources who are telling you what you want to hear.Maybe if they had been more open they would have known what was really going on and Trump’s win would not have been the shock it was to them.That said,i doubt they’d have accepted his win even if they saw it coming.
What we do in America is accept the results of an election.It’s the peaceful transition of power. It’s what happened when Obama was elected twice.I did not vote for him either time. I did not join a group called Antifa.I did not become part of a group calling itself the resistance.The law abiding settle these matters at the ballot box.
From day one when Trump won the election the media continued their attacks.The Democrat party [in tandem with the media ]tried to persuade the electoral college not to cast their vote for Trump.FAIL.

Next, they(in tandem with the Clinton’s)concocted the Russian collusion story. FAIL.They painted Trump as a racist,misogynistic,xenophobic Hitler(or Stalin;take your pick)who could only win by colluding with the Russians.Russians or no Russians my husband and I were voting for him.Nobody convinced us but Trump. They decided from day 1 they would either get him to resign or have him impeached.This was before he even took the oath of office. This is NOT America and it’s very dangerous.You can’t get through to the liberals how dangerous it is.I get that they hate Trump and  didn’t like the outcome. So what’s next on their agenda? Trump is incompetent.Not true but even if it were,so what? You don’t impeach a President because YOU think he’s incompetent.Force him to resign? Not going to happen.For crying out loud,he’s only been in office 6 months.That’s not even reasonable to expect.Trump’s favorite motto is never give up. Paint the President as being unstable? Is that what’s next? Give it up people.You look crazy yourselves. You KNOW there’s a procedure for that and simply saying it or demanding that you get your own way is doomed to failure.

The Russian Collusion story was a lie. The media knew it but they pressed it for months.There were even very liberal Democrat Senators and Representatives who had to go on camera and admit there was no collusion.The media ended up having to eat crow but the viewers went tone deaf. 

MOST Americans are fair.They give every President a chance. At the least they don’t call for impeachment because they don’t like the outcome and they don’t try to make the time in office for a President a living hell thinking  that will  force the President to resign. They don’t riot, assault the opposition,close down events.We’re not Cuba.We’re not Venezuela.We’re the United States of America. My advice:be careful what you wish for,you may get what you want.What Antifa and the Resistance can’t see is that they ARE the ones exhibiting facist behaviors.The reason you’re known as libtards is that it’s right in front of your face and you can’t recognize it.

The media is putting match to gasoline here. They ARE the enemy.It’s not that Pres Trump wants to shut down free speech;not even remotely close. It’s not that we want to shut down free speech, unlike the other side. The problem is they’re hiding behind the first amendment to peddle LIES. You can’t use the 1st amendment to commit libel ,slander and LIE through your teeth especially when the outcome is the destruction of civil society based on law. The First Amendment protects free speech but it was never meant to be abused for the cover of criminal activity.They even went so far as to look up information about a private citizen with a THREAT to dox him for a meme. This should be a red flag even to liberals. I won’t call you libtards but i will say you are useful idiots.Don’t take my word for it. Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz put out a warning.He knows exactly how dangerous all of this is to the Republic. Heed the warning people. It’s not to be taken lightly. Count on us fighting back. Count on some people calling you libtards.Can you  blame them?

Look at Donald Trump’s past as an American citizen. Hitler? Stalin? Come on. Use your God given brain to realize the narrative doesn’t fit the man’s life.At least for the sake of the Republic accept the election results and move on.I’m not asking anyone to like Trump. I’m asking the opposition to be fair and for the media to quit the propaganda.

Clinton lost,Trump won.PERIOD.He won  fair and square through the process we have always used.The same process that got Barack Obama elected,TWICE no less.It’s over.




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