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Allen West: He’s back…and it’s WORSE than we thought9h agoWell ol’ Barry Soetoro is back and seems to be following President Donald Trump around… weird right? Allen West lays out the issues with this quite elegantly.As written by Allen B. West:
It’s widely believed the brilliant physicist Albert Einstein once quipped that the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

And so it is for the infamous party of the jackass, the Democrat Party, better known as the party of progressive socialism. Thanks to a liberal progressive ally in the media, and the continued unforced errors of the Trump administration, the dominant story of a party in disarray, the Democrats, is hardly mentioned. However, it’s evident that the Democrat Party, now owned by progressive socialists, is a rudderless ship, adrift at sea with no captain, certainly no helmsman. So, in this dire situation, what does the donkey party do? Insanity.

As reported by, “As former President Barack Obama basks in a post-presidency glow amplified by his polarizing successor, the 44th U.S. commander in chief is returning to the political fray.

Obama will use his considerable popularity to headline a closed-door fundraiser in Washington D.C. on Thursday for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. It’s not exactly the great political comeback some in Obama’s fractured party had hoped for, but according to chair Tom Perez, he’s looking to “build the bench” for the party by convincing donors to invest in state-level races.

The NDRC’s goal is to help redistrict areas in a way favoring Democrats’ chances of winning more electoral votes. It’s unclear how much cash Obama’s appearance will bring in but, as Perez says, “that bully pulpit still very much rests with him.”

If you want to know who is attempting to lead a shadow government to undermine President Trump, you need not look any further than one Barack Obama. Yep, ol’ Barry Soetoro who decided to stay right there in DC along with his “Rasputin,” Valerie Jarrett. It’s been odd to say the least to have Barry traveling — actually following — President Trump, and speaking with foreign leaders is dangerous, but expected insanity from a narcissistic egomaniac who cannot stay out of the limelight.

And really, the Democrats are expecting Barry Soetoro is “build the bench?” Hmm, sir, Mr. DNC Chairman, if you can pause using expletives for a moment and listen, it was under the tenure of Barry Soetoro that the Democrats lost hundreds, almost a thousand seats from the Federal level down to state…Senate, House of Representatives, governorships, state Senate, and state House seats.

As a matter of fact sir, if you were to eliminate the major urban centers — which by the way are being decimated by liberal progressive leftist policies — you don’t have a chance of attaining power or control in the United States again. Sir, Mr. Perez, this is an exhibition of insanity of such grandiose levels that it’s incomprehensible.

Let’s start by asking this simple question, — and no, President Donald Trump is far from ideal — but do any of you believe for one second that Barry Soetoro would have given a speech in Warsaw, Poland advocating for and defending Western civilization principles and values?

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