put on the coffee(it’s 3:00 a.m. somewhere in the world)


Hillary Clinton should have won the election.After all,it was her turn. She was next in line and entitled to the win. The media worked so hard for her too.How could we let them down? Liberals own the country and we shouldn’t have elected someone they couldn’t stand.This just isn’t fair to the media,to Hillary and all those people who wanted her to be President .Now we’re stuck with this Hitler.I’m sorry;correction.Communist.The same communist who was willing to pay a huge fine rather than take down an American Flag with our stars and stripes.Damn that communist.


What tp  do?! Let’s persuade the electoral college not to cast their votes for Trump .Nothing like trying to interfere with an election is there? Crap,that failed.Now what do we do?

 Not attend his inauguration and start riots. Then we’ll have a March and talk about blowing up the White House. Failed again.

We have to do better. This will work;Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. Hillary would never have lost if the Russians hadn’t helped Trump get elected.He couldn’t have won any other way so he’s not REALLY President. Screenshot_807

I know that’s an insult to the millions of Americans who were stupid enough to vote for Trump-after all. were it not for the Russians they would never have voted for him. It may insult them terribly telling them their vote was fake but they’ll thank us later when we get him out of office.They will see how much better things will be to not have their vote count and they get to go with our choice.

Now that we’ve got the media saying Russia collusion for months with no proof and duping enough people into believing that just the words Russia collusion mean something ,what can we do next?There’s no evidence but we’re bound to find something if we stretch this out long enough.

Comey testified Trump wasn’t under investigation.Crap,now we have to stretch this out even longer and find a crumb. Meanwhile,we just have to keep using those 2 words,Russia Collusion. What else can we do? IMPEACHMENT.

Let’s see,IMPEACHMENT for what? We have to come up with something.Ok,TREASON.

Finally,a crumb.A breakthrough.Donald Trump Jr met with a Russian Lawyer.

Now we have it.TREASON.

Let’s just suppose (hypothetical) the Democrats and media actually did oust the man we voted for and support?(Not going to happen)Do you think we would forget?

You think there’s any chance it would come back to bite you in the butt? 




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