Drink Slowly @alexa_wotus(EDITED)

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65 and it’s off into the sunset


  • Never worry about what people think of you.Just be grateful  you’re on this side of the dirt and march on.
  • Recall each day who to be grateful to.God first,of course. Say thank you a lot.
  • Money serves a purpose. Caveat:never be envious of what other people have-you can figure out what you’re able to live without.Someday you may have to.Detachment means you can do so voluntarily.I swear though, that if they drag me off to the nursing home one day, the computer is going with me.Husband too,but that goes without saying.I think that’s so we can drive each other crazy there,just as much as we have at home.
  • There are going to be people in your life who will reject you. They may even be justified. Let it go. Forgive and move on. Go to confession and get right with God for what YOU’VE done.There’s nothing else you can do. Even if you’re kicking yourself in the a—-  remind yourself that we don’t get a do over.Boy,do i wish.Think many of us do.You can only tell God you wish you had done better or differently. I’m convinced He takes that into consideration.Make amends IF you can,as long as it doesn’t cause the other party more problems. Pray for them.
  • Make up a bucket list.Keep it pithy.Mine’s gotten shorter over time. The only thing i have left now is that if God  gives me the extra time i will vote for Donald Trump in 2020 and someday, when my husband and I BOTH feel up to it, must attend a Byzantine liturgy. Anything past the current day is extra time.When you’re young you don’t think that way. As you get older it becomes self evident.
  • Always live in the moment. We do have a tendency to focus on the future. I’m guilty of not living up to my own best advice. Everything mentioned here is a work in progress. Except Confession.That’s a necessity.
  • Don’t take things too seriously. Sort out the REALLY  important and laugh off the rest.God created us with the ability to smile. There must be a reason.
  • It’s smooth sailing from here out.We’re not in charge.






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