An Open Letter to @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @scaramucci @jeffsessions and ALL Trump supporters #TrumpTrain #MAGA

I’ve heard opinions from both sides of the fence. Keep Sessions-Fire Sessions and both are articulating good arguments on their respective sides.Here’s my .02 worth and you can decide if it makes sense.
First,Jeff Sessions is a good man and doing an outstanding job at the DOJ. Whether we agree with all the actions he has taken or not is another matter but to date he’s been doing the job he was appointed to do.It’s why Pres Trump hired him.He knew Session’s qualifications would make him a good fit for the job. There was no 2 ways about it at the time.
We also know that Jeff Sessions was one of the first to endorse,support and get behind Donald Trump when he was still in the early days of the campaign.I think the Sessions endorsement may have even helped persuade some on the fence, about Trump, to get behind him too.Sessions staked a lot on this endorsement and risked a great deal personally to do so.It took courage.

You could see a mutual admiration between them and they were in total agreement re immigration and enforcing our laws.Sessions was a proponent of strict enforcement of immigration law for years.It was well known.He was also highly respected by his colleagues in Congress;even Democrats.Well, At least until he was nominated for Attorney General at DOJ.
However,he was approved and things seem to be going swimmingly. The Russian collusion narrative was starting to reach a fever pitch.Comey was fired then testified before Congress; that’s when the swimmingly part went out the window. I believe this is where all the trouble began. I blame neither President Trump or Jeff Sessions. The blame falls squarely on the media, the Democrats,squishy Republicans and some who never supported Trump in the first place.I blame leakers,the Deep State and the establishment of both parties. Let’s be honest, were it not for the phony Russian collusion story we probably wouldn’t be talking about the fall out between Sessions and President Trump.
Should Sessions have recused himself?You can argue good points both ways. Should Sessions be admonished because he hasn’t gone after the Clinton’s yet? Some Trump supporters think so.Others are loyal to Sessions.My take is simple: if President Trump has an issue with Sessions he should have a private discussion with the man and voice his concerns there. I wouldn’t chance dividing the base.
I also wondered how i would feel if i were Jeff Sessions and had gone out on a limb for Trump during the campaign.I wonder how i would feel if i were the President and saw a soft coup or impeachment on the horizon and my attorney general didn’t seem to have my back.I wonder how i would feel if i were the President and my agenda was being diminished because of these attacks?I wonder how i would feel if i were Jeff Sessions and the man i thought was my friend was acting like my worst enemy in public-would i not expect a private conversation? Both men have reason to feel the other has let them down.
I especially wonder how i would feel if there were leaks all over the place that were damaging my Presidency and ultimately the country. I would ask myself if  my respect for Jeff Sessions was worth the damage? Tough questions for both men and i think worth having a PRIVATE discussion with the man about. Unfortunately for both of them events snowballed and not of their own doing.It’s a shame it’s come to this in the first place but there are destructive forces out there. We’ve been watching it play out.
I HOPE President Trump does not fire Sessions. I am sure it would only add fuel to the fire and end up being a terrible distraction setting back the Presidents agenda even more.The President had so many accomplishments and a relatively good couple weeks in the news media (as good as can be)before the Sessions fall out started.Now it’s becoming another major news cycle that i’m afraid will spin out of control.I would definitely talk to Sessions out of the glare of the media and take a look at other options in the meantime.I believe there is more to Comey,Rosenstein and Clinton story than meets the eye.I could be wrong but i think sometimes it’s better to lay low and see how things do play out FOR NOW.I would concentrate on moving the agenda forward in spite of all the noise.

In the end though it’s the President’s decision. I hope BOTH men realize that they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in were it not for people who do not have our country’s best interest at heart.It’s a shame.I wouldn’t be too hard on either the President or the Attorney General. I wouldn’t fault either one or take sides.Let’s see where it goes and hope for the best.Mueller is the one i’d be keeping an eye on.Something doesn’t pass the smell test with Rosenstien either.

POST SCRIPT:I love how the Democrats suddenly think Sessions is a good guy because the President has had some harsh words for him.I remember when they tried to paint him as a racist and bigot(and WORSE) during the confirmation hearings. 



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