thank you media @CNN @ABC @CBS @msnbc @NBC for being the crack journalists that you are.

The people elected Obama and he served 2 terms.I didn’t vote for him.Not the first time nor second.Somebody did.Romney graciously conceded. It is how it works. We have the peaceful transition of power-something our country can be very proud of.Something we should be proud of.There are countries that don’t.It’s a wonderful sight to see one President sit at the inauguration and for the next to take the oath of office, regardless of whether we voted for that person or not.

The American people are fair.They will give any new administration a chance.

Hillary Clinton ran against Donald Trump. She rigged the primary against Sanders and pulled off the ‘win.’ He supported her in the end.

The media picked Clinton and supported her. They went easy on her just like they did Obama. They did all they could do to help her win.

Maybe it was because they were so self assured that they were absolutely floored when Donald Trump won-they got it in their heads it was her turn and given the great support they gave her, they didn’t expect otherwise.

Problem:the media doesn’t get to pick who we want as President.We get to do that. They told us for years how every  vote counts.

The Republicans hardly stood up for Donald Trump.When the going got rough,they got going.The Democrats would never in a million years do that to their candidate.He didn’t win because of them.He won in spite of them.The only one from Congress  that stood up for Trump was Sessions.

He won too. He won because he worked his butt off,went to states that he might not have had a prayer in and because the American people fell in love with him.They adopted him as one of their own. He spoke to the issues that mattered to them and he made it clear he was going to do all he could to fulfill his promises.He wasn’t perfect but we knew that.

The minute he won the media attacked him. There was no night of celebration for the people that voted for him. The inauguration was met with hostility.There were protests.There were people who made it clear they were not going to attend. He was a facist,racist,Hitler,dictator,xenophobe, misogynist.The country would not survive him. They even tried to convince the electoral college not to cast their vote for him. Let’s suppose the shoe had been on the other foot?

Right at the beginning of his first month in office-if that long-they decided[ in cahoots with the Clinton campaign] that the only reason he won is his campaign colluded with the Russians. Let’s not take into account the millions that turned out to vote for Trump in the states that mattered.The media KNEW it was a lie.They knew the Clinton campaign concocted the story. Who cares,right? They convinced the people who voted for Hillary, the only reason Trump won was that he colluded with the Russians.They had no proof but they didn’t need any. The people they convinced were easily persuaded by insinuation. All they had to do was repeat the lie night after night. He was in office for a week when they started calling for impeachment.

So what they have been telling us from the beginning-the people that voted for our President-is that we don’t exist. We’re nobodies. All that matters is what they wanted and the candidate they voted for.

We’re invisible,non existent, irrelevant.The Republicans have their own little club too. The reason they’re not standing up for President Trump is  they are perfectly happy with letting the Democrats do most of the dirty work for them.

Now we know that former FBI director Mueller is impaneling a grand jury.We know that he was appointed as a special counselor by the deputy attorney general,after Sessions recused himself.Something the Democrats rarely-if ever-do.Rosenstein made the order like a piece of swiss cheese granting Mueller unlimited powers.We know that the Trump campaign was spied on and that some names were unmasked.Who cares,right?We know conversations between the President and other heads of state, that ought to be private, are being leaked to the press. We know these leaks not only harm President Trump but also harm our country.

Let’ s suppose they come up with an excuse to get rid of Trump and discount every single voter who legitimately put him into office. What will that outcome be? I know this-if it happens they ALL own it.The media,the Democrats,Obama(behind the scenes),Hillary and Soros,our intelligence agencies and the Republicans who silently participated.It’s called a coup and the ramifications are mind boggling. Do these people really believe they are doing this for the country? Dangerous,people. Very dangerous.You’re not thinking & you’re definitely not doing it for the benefit of our  country.

The media asked if Rosenstein would act as a check on Attorney General Jeff Sessions-why was this question not asked of other attorney generals,especially Holder and Lynch. None of the rules for the Trump administration applied to the Obama/Clinton administration. Since their goal is to get rid of him it’s ok. It means that we had a Sec of State under investigation by the FBI running for President totally supported by the media. It means we have a President duly elected by the American people and he’s to be removed from office for a fake Russian story. It’s ok though because the media has the right to do that now.If they don’t like who WE elect they can collude with the Democrats to get rid of that President.The Republicans can excuse themselves because eventually it will be business as usual for them.Or so they think.






Catholic.conservative. Pro life.Period.

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