Pres Trump said what he had to say but it’s not going to matter.The people who attack him on a regular basis are going to continue to attack him.They will use the tragedy in Va to attack him.There will be politicians in the Republican party who will take advantage (just as much as the left ) to attack Pres Trump no matter what he says.

Here’s my take from what i know so far:

  1. an alt right(white supremacist) group was going to protest the removal of the statue of General Lee in Charlottesville,Va.I understand they received a permit. They are a bigoted racist group as much as the KKK is such a group. However,if they were granted a permit they had every right to assemble.
  2. We have freedom of assembly in our country.It’s a guaranteed right;along with freedom of speech.This means, even people we disagree with,are allowed to assemble and speak  as long as the assembly and speech is not inciting violence.Violence doesn’t fly no matter what group you belong to.
  3.  I do not belong to any group;not a white nationalist group,an alt right group,or a facist group.I belong to our church parish along with my husband and that is the only group we intend to join. We’re part of the #MAGA family. 
  4. Pres Trump is on the side of ALL Americans. He knows there is plenty of blame to go around for all the groups that were gathered in Va.Yes,he did strongly condemn the violence. People who are saying otherwise are lying.If you want Pres Trump to condemn the alt right group and designate it as a domestic terrorist group(which he may have to do) by the same token Antifa and BLM should be designated domestic terrorist groups.
  5.  i watched several live periscopes of the event in Va up to and including the horrific attack on the crowd. I didn’t see a single police officer in sight.I saw people from counter protests attacking the protesters and several fights breaking out. Still no police. It looked like mayhem. If anyone is at fault it’s not Trump.It’s the governor of Va, Terry McCauliffe.He’s not responsible for the violence of course;but he IS responsible for how the situation was handled.It’s like all other tragedies or catastrophes; the blame always shifts back to the President if the governor is a Democrat and the President a Republican.Ultimately, the responsibility falls squarely on the perpetrators. 
  6.  The RATS in the Republican party are going to gin this up and use it as an excuse to attack Pres Trump.No matter how strongly he condemns the violence in Charlottesville, it will  never be strong enough.Of course these are the same people who attacked him for his strongly worded condemnation of NOKO.
  7. I remember back when Obama was President  and how he reacted to a  major incident,especially when it involved police.More often than not he WOULD take a side before all the facts were in. I prefer that Pres Trump condemn the violence on ALL sides and get all the facts.
  8. When Pres Trump invites the KKK,a white supremacist group or David Duke to the White House let me know.You can be sure, we who support the President, will jump all over him for it.Just don’t hold  your breathe waiting to report on that invite.


Catholic.conservative. Pro life.Period.

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