Forget the media.They’re hopeless and feel no real obligation to the American people anymore.

Our intelligence agencies are another matter.
You see,I’ve voted both Democrat and Republican candidates over the course of my lifetime.The one thing i could count on is that no matter who was in the White House the intelligence agencies knew they served at the pleasure of the President.Whether they liked that person or not;whether they voted for that person or not.They might even hate the person with a passion but they knew they had a job to do.What’s that job?
Ultimately to make sure the POTUS has the best info to keep the United States and its citizens safe and secure.PERIOD.
Politics can be brutal;a blood sport as it were. It didn’t matter with the intel agencies;they weren’t politicized.The good people in these agencies had the courage to remain above board.
I really believed that and had the utmost respect(not to mention admiration)for them-that is, until Obama got elected & I watched what he did to them.[He even used the IRS to target his political enemies.Let that sink in].I still believe there are good people in our intel agencies. I still believe most of the persons in these agencies remain above board.The problem is that there are a few whose loyalty is only to Obama and his agenda. It only takes a few to ruin the good name of an agency and cast a cloud over the rest.You know what it takes to turn that ship around? A few good people to stand up and tell the truth. If they don’t, then there’s a really good chance none of these agencies will recover and the good people won’t amount to a hill of beans. The ramifications for the country are enormous.

These agencies no longer focus on giving the POTUS information to help destroy our enemies foreign and domestic. In fact the goal becomes destroying the President-who we LEGITIMATELY elected-and in the end,US. All we hear about is RUSSIA,RUSSIA,RUSSIA. We hear  smears & outright LIES about  people that could destroy their lives.Who does that to a fellow American citizen? Who destroys another persons life to fulfill an agenda? We know what’s going on.The informed aren’t stupid.It’s the misinformed and uninformed that  are being led off to slaughter.

Someone better do something soon and get the focus back on track. Nobody’s minding the store.Do these people really believe they’re doing the right thing?

How do they figure? We used to respect these agencies.Now we not only don’t respect them;we can’t trust them. There’s violence in the streets.We’ve tolerated it for the good of the country but there comes a point we are going to say enough.We know we’re being lied to by the media & it looks like the intel agencies are colluding with them.

We used to believe you fought the good fight against the bad guys. Now you ARE the bad guys. How do you figure you’re doing this for the good of the country when these are the results?

Is the damage irreparable? Not yet. I hope(and pray)the good people will stand up & bring it a halt! There’s still some time left-not much.



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