Suspicions Confirmed: Murdoch Told Ailes To Tilt Coverage Toward Anyone But Trump, Even Clinton… | The Last Refuge

A recent article written by Roger Ailes confidant Michael Wolff affirms one of the more transparently obvious hidden secrets in the 2015/2016 presidential race and election. Fox News owner/mogul Ru…

Source: Suspicions Confirmed: Murdoch Told Ailes To Tilt Coverage Toward Anyone But Trump, Even Clinton… | The Last Refuge

We better get busy.This is #WAR

Why do you think nothing is getting passed,even though they told us if we elected them they would? Rush Limbaugh warns  Trump.We’d better heed it too.We don’t have to put up with their crap. We can see what’s going on.It’s not rocket science.

Here’s his warning:

“These people are trying to take this president out, and everybody understands that. So why, in that circumstance, do you think that the same people trying to destroy Donald Trump are going to help him get rid of Obamacare, are going to help him reform the tax code?” the radio host asked.

“They’re not. They are going to have to be defeated, not worked with. There isn’t any cooperation,” he said.

What we have to do:
Get rid of the Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan.Vote the Never Trumpers and fake Republicans OUT in 2018.

Back any Congressman that backs Trump’s agenda. Burn up the phone lines and put pressure on the bad apples.

Jeff Sessions is fine.It’s Mueller and his team of Democrat lawyers that need FIRED.PRONTO. It’s a witch hunt.
Take down the media.It’s all propaganda.The term fake news is giving them too much credit.None of it is actually news.

Mueller Expands Russian Probe Into Trump Business Transactions As Civilian ⋆

One question for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, what does this have to do with the 2016 Presidential Election? I think he’s fishing in a pond with no ripples. Mueller is expanding his Russian probe into President Trump’s civilian life, possibly 10 years ago. This is uncalled for! If Mueller goes there with Trump, then the …

Source: Mueller Expands Russian Probe Into Trump Business Transactions As Civilian ⋆

We must fight like hell for @POTUS Donald Trump.Here’s why(post script added)

First,prayers for Sen John McCain. Didn’t like his politics but as a human being will pray for him and his family.I know he’s not well thought of with some veterans and conservatives-but we all need prayer especially through difficult times.BTW.My mother spent most of her later years fighting cancer.It’s devastating especially when you’re in recession and don’t see it coming.I would never hesitate to criticize his politics,policies and actions but  going through cancer is no picnic for anyone.(You don’t have to agree with me here.  Not willing to lose a friendship over a disagreement).

Second,the main reason I’m writing today is in re to our President and his criticism of Jeff Sessions to the NYTimes. I wish our President would stay away from this rag. They’re no friend. I also wish he had kept his feelings private and spoken directly to Jeff Sessions.That said, I can understand his frustration and anger. He’s a human being and it’s been no small battle since he got elected.

The members of Congress are bought and paid for. I’m not saying by and large that they’re not good people.Many are,some aren’t. We all know that when someone knocks on their door or picks up the phone and offers campaign contributions/support they’re all ears. It’s hard to turn that down;but it does make them beholden to that party.Donald Trump did no such thing.He’s not beholden to anyone except the American people. We knew he was not a politician* when we elected him. He was on the other side of that fence supporting Dems and Republicans both. As a businessman you look out for your own best interests. Now he’s in the ugly world of politics with a business background. He’s not an ideologue.He wants 1 thing: results.He made several promises KEY on the campaign trail. the wall

2. repeal/replace Obamacare

3.lower and simplify taxes

4. bring justice to the corrupt(DRAIN THE SWAMP)

5.defeat ISIS

He intends to keep them. Where are the Republicans? 
Let’s see: They found money to pay for transgender surgery in the military.They have yet to defund Planned Parenthood,NPR or the NEA.Pass the repeal and replace they PROMISED 7 yr ago?  NOPE.All they did was cry for 7 yr about Obama and swore up and down they had a plan if only they had the Senate,House and White House.Swore the only one standing in their way was Obama. Now President Trump has pen in hand ready to sign and they’re-as Mark Levin put it-imploding.

What else does Pres Trump have to deal with? A hostile media whose one goal is to take him out.We know the Democrat party wants to take him out but there are any number of people in the Republican party that would gladly let them. Then you have Antifa,the Resistance,Deep State,Soros,Obama himself and the Obama holdovers wreaking havoc.Add to that the Russia B.S. story and Mueller witch hunt.

In spite of all the opposition look at what he’s managed to accomplish in 6 months. So he’s not as politically ‘savvy’ as some people think he should be(meaning do all the dirty work behind closed doors)but i didn’t think he was going to be a politically ‘savvy’ President anyway.I also intend to support him 100% all the way. There’s too many dark forces working on a soft coup. We’re either on his side or as Andrew Breitbart once said,”you’re on the other side.” 

You can knock me for tolerating his flaws.I don’t really care as long as he’s not doing anything criminal or cheating on his wife ala Bill Clinton.The only thing that would destroy his presidency is his base abandoning him. We can’t.This is our last shot people.We have to hang tough and win.You see,the opposing forces won’t stab him in the back outright.Not that they wouldn’t like to(ie.impeach,force resignation).They’ll do death by a 1k cuts if they have to.Does that mean looking the other way at some of his flaws? Yep.In the larger scheme of things they’re insignificant.The other side is dangerous.The only one that’s ever really stood up to them IS Trump.

It also means supporting the people in Congress that support him and OUR agenda.Trump and his base are simpatico.All the folks are saying to Congress is,support the person WE elected and KEEP  YOUR PROMISES.You support him,we’ll support you.It’s that simple.You go ‘never Trump’ on us-you’re TOAST. It would be something to see the people we put into office[ year after year] looking out for someone besides themselves and their next election.KEEP YOUR WORD Congress. PERIOD.


*Candidate Trump could communicate with the American people.In fact we were all on the same page. On the other hand he was so much so NOT a politician he didn’t get the gist of the convoluted delegate system(neither did I)-enter Paul Manafort who DID.



President Trump Delivers Stern Remarks During GOP Senator Luncheon Discussing Healthcare (Video)… | The Last Refuge

“For seven years you promised the American people you would repeal Obamacare. People are hurting and frankly inaction is not an option.” ~ President Donald Trump President Donald Trump …

Source: President Trump Delivers Stern Remarks During GOP Senator Luncheon Discussing Healthcare (Video)… | The Last Refuge