We Will Never Forget

 Mar 13, 1950 – Jun 21, 2018


why Charles Krauthammer so profoundly touched many people( a tribute)*edited version

Charles Krauthammer and i were born 2 yrs apart. He in 1950-making him just 2 yr older (but plenty wiser). While he was reading political magazines,medical textbooks and philosophy,I was reading Rolling Stone.He was the smarter one.

We both ended up in the same place though: Conservative Republicans. He was raised an orthodox Jew in a family that knew the importance of being raised in a strong faith tradition.I was born into a family that was orthodox Catholic and viewed  a strong faith tradition the same way. We both ventured outside our circles and eventually came back.However,Charles had a life changing event where he was moments away from death. Perhaps that is where he gained his courage when he faced death a second time. He’d already been there and knew how fragile life was.Perhaps he realized he’d gotten a 2nd chance at life when he could have died at the bottom of a pool.He certainly made the most of it realizing that in order to succeed you have to be passionate about what you do.He went into politics with  love and abandon. Politics led him to writing and commentary.He lived and breathed politics.

We all try to identify with people we admire,even if we don’t measure up to them.It’s human nature.

The reason many of us admired him the way we did was partly because of his sheer tenacity about life,his sharp intellect and his unwavering determination to get at the truth. I say partly because the main reason we both loved and admired Mr Krauthammer was his honest humanity. You couldn’t help BUT like him. You could be angry as hell at him(I was for a long time because of his dissing Trump)but it wouldn’t last.Charles was every man’s search for the meaning of life-and death.

The one thing we both learned was that liberalism is fake when it comes to compassion;or at least a failure. Liberalism destroys everything in its path.How compassionate can it be when it takes away a persons’ dignity by robbing him of everything that would raise him up?

Liberalism even gave us abortion.Destruction of human life. Same sex marriage.Destruction of the family and moral norms.Destruction of scientific truths.We now have the god of psuedo-science.Destruction of the true purpose of government. It’s been turned on its head rife with corruption under the Obama administration.Hillary would have put on the final touches.Charles realized that all the programs government enacted to help the poor-ie Johnson’s Great Society-were an abysmal failure. He went where the evidence led him.Liberalism is destroying our country. Thank God Donald Trump was elected and put the brakes on.I know Krauthammer and Trump were on terrible terms and no love lost between the 2 of them. Charles would bet on wine,women and song before he would consider Trump.I believe he would have eventually come around although that might be wishful thinking.I do know after the election Charles kind of buried the hatchet as much as he could.He was a good enough man to do that.I think that was his way of at least giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.

I’ll be honest-Charles would have wanted that-and admit i was livid when Charles dissed Trump. Krauthammer might have been surprised to see how conservative Trump turned out to be. I swear the ‘elites’ had it in their heads Trump was their worst nightmare;that he was a flaming liberal in disguise. What they failed to realize was that Trump is not and never will be an ideologue.It’s where some Republicans and Democrats,some liberals and conservatives get Trump wrong. They think in terms of ideology.Trump thinks in terms of results.Trump was right up front in saying he wasn’t a politician. He’s not. He had no political background when he ran. He never served in the military and never held office.

(He can be brutal too but that’s good. We weren’t going to elect a push over this time.Sometimes it gets him into trouble but we’d rather he were brutally honest)

It was a a few weeks after Charles went into the hospital that i decided to let it go.

It was the same story with his surgery as it was with his pool accident. I never knew Charles was in a wheel chair until Fox ran the Bret Baier special on him. Sean Hannity never knew he was in a wheel chair either for years. He didn’t let on how serious the situation was when he went in the hospital;or he didn’t let Fox go into detail.From reports it sounds like he was expecting to return to Fox after a few setbacks he’d already gone through. It turned out he had an incurable aggressive cancer. I was expecting him to return to Fox not learn that he only had a few weeks to live.I think we convinced ourselves he would beat it-we thought of Charles as someone who always overcame obstacles in his life.We thought of him as someone who would continue to add to our lives,with his brilliance,humor(he was funny as hell) and sheer tenacity to live life to the fullest. He had a kind of presence you couldn’t put your finger on.It wasn’t self contrived either.I think he fought against taking himself too seriously.My God that news of his impending death was hard to take.Yet he himself wrote,

“It was a wonderful life — full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living.I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended.”

I hope he was able to witness the US Embassy being moved to Jerusalem, meaning the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel came full circle.Bet it made his day.

I pray he died peacefully but he’s always going to be missed.Charles had such a cute little smile especially when he knew he got a point across.


This is NOT Free Speech


The wisdom of Charles Krauthammer

This just made me miss him more.BTW. We disagreed strongly on Trump but i bet if he would have seen the results of the last few months he would [eventually]have acquired a change of heart and mind.

Long-time Fox News panelist Charles Krauthammer, a psychiatrist, Pulitzer Prize-winner and bestselling author, regularly commented on issues great and small.

Source: The wisdom of Charles Krauthammer