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You know that all of us believe that our kids and grandchildren are the most wonderful people on earth.When you don’t know them well,you just pray for a good life for them.It’s where I’m at with it.Sorry I let them down,but it’s not the first time I ever let someone down.It’s probably not the last either.I have a reputation for being loud,obnoxious and stubborn(get that from dad). Fortunately for them,they had the blessing of the best great grandparents a kid could ask for and my son had the best grandparents. Bob and Marie(granddaughter’s name is Alexa Marie)were special people that we all miss very much.They had a long fulfilled life but it’s never enough for us.We wish we had another day,another chance,more time.

Anyway,i can’t say as i know my grandchildren but then i can’t say as i know my own son. Bob and Marie -mom and dad-were a big part of his life,the grandchildren’s(when there was a chance )and  all our lives. They were so proud of him,but i think they always wanted him to come home to the Catholic Church.  Mom was planning  to visit them and that kept her going.I wasn’t sure she was up to the long trip but none of us were going to stop her from doing what her heart was set on.

I think that kept her alive longer or the cancer might have taken her sooner.She missed dad too.His loss took a toll.She tried not to let on,but you have to know after 60 plus years together it wasn’t the same without him.When you went to see mom the house wasn’t the same.After they both passed away there were times i would call their number and out of grief wondered if someone would not pick up the phone.Of course,it’s not going to happen.It’s just another reminder they’re gone.I even kind of resented the people that bought THEIR house. I know we couldn’t  have lived there(and thankful we ended up leaving town for our new residence.Love it) but i honestly didn’t want anyone else there either.It’s so nice up here i sometimes wonder what it would have been like if i had moved up here with son back when.*

Strange as it may sound i still think the only people that should ever live there are mom and dad.If not them,no one.It doesn’t work that way though. The way i remember Alexa and her brother Matt is they were just little kids. Alexa had the cutest giggle,loved critters and such potential to be whatever she wanted to be. Matt was your typical little boy and knowing my son he would have to end up being a sports enthusiast. Alexa does love her cats;but she even tried to get away with raising a bunch of very reproductive mice. Dad found her out.I can’t imagine he was too happy.I thought it was hilarious and didn’t surprise me at all.

I imagine someone very special finding her one day.I hope she doesn’t rush it. I can picture her in a vintage 60’s wedding gown. They were modest and romantic then.

 I have the feeling she would pick something more modern.Some of them are just too revealing. I don’t get that.You would want to look special on your wedding day.No rush though. Marriage is a commitment that lasts years.There’s no reason to rush.

Enough of the melancholy & self reflection.The spelling passes snuff here. No need to edit.Now it’s rosary time.

*They have a fantastic school here too,St Gregory’s. It’s a whole different life. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.It was tough to leave the old hometown at first. Now that it’s going on 3 yrs here i do wish i had been more inclined to move when son was little.There is a life outside what we are most familiar with;we can be brave enough to take a leap now and then.I wasn’t then.I was stuck by (wrongly)thinking life in the hometown was it.You could call it the twilight zone.Oddly enough this town is smaller than the town we came from.It’s a tourist area so the rents are high as are the house prices.They’re astronomical compared to where we came from.


NFL Boycott #TaketheKnee

Football is one awesome American sport. I don’t think apple pie could compete with the Americana of football.We all love our games and a lot of us live for football.Now is a good time to enjoy a Sunday with other things.

Heard about take the knee? I’m sure you have.

I have to wonder what’s the point other than throwing one big hissy fit.

Sure you have freedom of speech and we have freedom of not lining your pockets with millions of dollars.

What a great country we live in. How sad it is to see people who don’t appreciate that we are blessed to be born here. You’re really blessed to have been as successful as you are & to be considered  a role model for plenty of kids-disadvantaged and advantaged both.

I just don’t see it anymore.Drugs, domestic violence,murder and now this? What’s to admire?

The reason they’re doing this. Oppression by the police, the election of Donald Trump,the loss by Hillary Clinton(not that they really liked her)and the division caused by Obama in his 2 terms.You really think he brought the country together? Sorry,but if you think that you’re delusional.Donald Trump didn’t cause it.He EXPOSED it.

If we didn’t have police, good social order would break down  immediately. We’d be living in the Wild Wild West.Caveat:some cities do.

The media perpetuated the lie about hands up,don’t shoot. Never happened. Fat chance they care.The media was in the tank for Hillary. The schools are in the tank to destroy the values that make our country great. We have kids that don’t have a lick of respect for anything;they have a total lack of knowledge of history or civics. The Anti American,anti Family,Anti Authority crowd has run our country for too long. They’ve run it into the ground and now Trump has taken the herculean task of picking it up and putting it back together. There are people that are just not there.Fortunately we voted him in to do just that and we came out in massive numbers.

Hillary lost.It’s over. Donald Trump is the legitimately elected President of the United States.Period.End of story.The Russians had nothing to do with it.The American people elected him.I intend to vote for him again in 2020.

BTW.I wasn’t crazy about Obama and did NOT vote for him.Guess what? I lived.The sun still rose in the west and set in the east.

Donald Trump is a good man and is going to be a great President.Don’t like that? Oh well…can’t help you.If you want to let the media tell you everything you know that’s your problem.

Hillary,Obama,Soros,Comey,Mueller-all corrupt as hell. The Republicans in Congress aren’t much better than the Democrats.I can count the good people on 2 hands.

Hillary and Obama are nothing more than Saul Alinsky radicals. Hillary is drunk on power and Obama is guided by a socialist[radical]ideology.The Democrats knew neither one of them were good news but it was never about that.

So take the knee for whatever good you think that is supposed to do. There are people out here who love their country and know the sacrifice so many have made for her.We’ll find better things to do.

Our President needs our support.Our country needs prayer. We’ve finally got a leader who will stand by us when we stand up for ourselves. Long overdue. #MAGA








Byron York: Showdown looms over Trump dossier; FBI misses third deadline to turn over subpoenaed documents

So far, the FBI and the Justice Department do not appear to be in the mood to comply with the subpoena.

Source: Byron York: Showdown looms over Trump dossier; FBI misses third deadline to turn over subpoenaed documents