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Published October 31, 2014 by therasberrypalace

Why we should vote Democrat-The Bush Policies the Republicans supported:

1. look at Fast and Furious where guns were given to Mexican cartels to be tracked by the DOJ. They lost track of the guns and Brian Terry was a border patrol agent killed by the same.

2. Targeting of opposition groups by the IRS-in fact SANCTIONED by the White House. The DOJ turned a blind eye. Twice as bad as the Nixon Watergate scandal where Nixon TRIED to get the IRS to target groups that opposed him.

3. black unemployment at an all time high because Bush was racist.

4. Can you imagine? Trading high profile members of Al-Qaeda for an alleged deserter!

5. Proclaiming a Red Line in a foreign country for the use of chemical weapons and then ignoring it

6. Abandoning our allies and appeasing our enemies

7. Having no real policy to handle a highly contagious virus from a foreign country

8. Targeting reporters that attempted to investigate the administration.Even to the point of bringing criminal charges against them.

9. Claiming to be THE most transparent administration in history then covering up-with the co-operation of the media-every scandal the administration might have been involved in.

10. Corrupting the media to the point they excused every scandal of the administration and supported the man no matter what.



NOT the Bush administration. That IS the Obama administration. Now consider,if you are Democrat,a Republican actually gets elected President in 2016, all those scandals the present administration has gotten away with.Think about the corruption this has set up.What if the Republican President decided to use the IRS to target liberal groups and could get away with it?
Remember the shoe could go on the other foot. You could get what you asked for.Just a thought. Hypothetical. NONE of us would elect such a person.Of course we already did but i would hope we’d know better next time.

Consider this too: ALL the Democratic candidates running in the mid terms who suddenly oppose Obama’s policies. Where were their voices back when? They weren’t criticizing the policies when they were VOTING FOR them. Now it’s the mid terms and they suddenly discover they oppose them? I don’t think so. They’ll say anything to get elected and once they do-bing! They’ll go along with Harry Reid every time.


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VIDEO PM Netanyahu to MB Obama on “Chickens..t” Smear, “The Attack on Me Only Comes Because I’m Defending Israel”

Published October 31, 2014 by therasberrypalace

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:

Obama bicycle
October 29, 2014

“Because the attack on me only comes because I’m defending Israel.”

It’s as I said here – protecting and defending his people, his nation, is a principle that Obama does not adhere to. Just ask Ambassador Stevens …. and all the other victims of Obama’s anti-American policies. Couple that with Obama’s Jew-hatred and well, it’s a chickenshit scenario.

Bicycle man is calling this war hero chickenshit. Orwellian. While Obama was smoking doobies on vacay in Pakstian (!), Netanyahu was slaying dragons.


Obama’s “leading from behind” is the very definition of chickenshit.
Obama’s response and the redline on Syria’s chemical weapons is chickenshit.
Obama’s stand down on Benghazi, leaving our Ambassador and attaches to die, was chickenshit.
Obama not sending in back-up to our soldiers in Benghazi is chickenshit.
Obama damaging U.S. credibility is chickenshit.
Obama backing Hamas is chickenshit.
Obama condemning Jewish homes in Jerusalem is chickenshit.

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Blog of the Week

Published October 31, 2014 by therasberrypalace

A new feature-blog of the week. I will be highlighting the best blogs i’ve found through the WP reader. If  yours is not mentioned yet;not to worry. It will be.Many of the blogs I read are either in the menu or under ‘blogs I follow’. Another words feel free to check those out too!

The Criteria:

First, it must be conservative.

Two, it must be informative.

Three,it must be truthful and honest(no conspiracy theories here)

Fourth,it doesn’t have to deal only with politics and religion-although those are my 2 favorite topics. It can be about crafts,recipes and other miscellaneous topics. Even humor.We need something up beat every now and then don’t we?

I don’t do celebrity gossip though. The culture dishes out enough of it. Sports? Sure,from time to time.Hollywood? Not the Enquirer.

Yes,I’m Catholic ;naturally  I will be drawn to other Catholic blogs  but your blog doesn’t have to BE Catholic either. As long as it’s not anti Catholic.If an article attacks the Pope (or the Church),whether it’s Catholic or not,that article will NOT get a reblog. Sorry,with all due respect, our Holy Father needs our prayers. I don’t believe PUBLIC criticism is a good witness to the faith.

Today’s first blog of the week goes to

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“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Watchdog group sues State of Maryland for non-citizens voter fraud

Published October 31, 2014 by therasberrypalace

Originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds:

Have you wondered why, with all the rampant vote fraud in the 2012 election (as well as the fraud already evident in the 2014 mid-term election), the Republican Party never did anything about it? (See “22 signs of Democrat Voter Fraud in 2012 Election”)

The reason goes back to a legal agreement called the Consent Decree that the Republican National Committee (RNC) made with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 1982. (See Why the GOP won’t challenge vote fraud)

The GOP’s hands are tied, but that doesn’t mean We the People must just watch with frustration and do nothing.

Now, an election integrity watchdog group, Virginia Voters Alliance, is doing something about election fraud committed by non-U.S. citizens in the state of Maryland.

Bryan Preston reports for PJMedia, Oct. 29, 2014:

An election integrity watchdog group is suing the state of Maryland, alleging that…

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