I’m not homophobic or a hater,k?

Published July 25, 2014 by therasberrypalace

There’s no such word as ‘homophobe.’ It was made up to begin with.

As for hating people with same sex attraction.Nope.Not a chance.

For the record:

1.marriage is between one man/one woman for life. PERIOD.

Once you redefine marriage it has no meaning at all and God knows it’s under attack in our country.

2. Our culture has become hyper-sexualized.

Planned Parenthood is a revolving door for the abortion industry.

Planned Parenthood Fund Raiser,NYC

SummerSexSpirits2012I’m ‘straight’. I don’t need to parade around in my under garments or prance around half nude shoving my heterosexuality into anyone’s face to make a point.

Besides, intimacy isn’t based on sexuality. It’s how close we become on a number of levels and the PRIVATE sexual aspect of marriage is the icing on the cake. It’s not the cake.

3. My identity isn’t based on being straight. I’m not sure why a person with same sex attraction feels the need to be identified as ‘gay’. Our dignity as human beings is our identity.

4. Contrary to popular culture most men are decent respectful people.Not every guy is out looking for a ‘good time.’ i think MOST men would love to find a woman they could really get to know on a personal level and would take them seriously;as long as the woman was willing to take herself seriously.

5. The Sexual Revolution that gave us the no strings attached,hook up,hypersexual and hedonistic culture we live in now is totally destructive. Porn is not a billion dollar business because nobody is getting it. The consequences of the counter cultural movement are tragic.  i believe fewer younger people  today are willing to get married anymore.I’m no saint. i learned that sooner or later you have to wake up and smell the coffee.

Obama tweets->#loveislove What it really means is whatever you feel like doing,go for it.

truecooltext1658995586find one

Marriage is giving 100%. Divorce is 50-50.

Here’s the real meaning:


Meet the Chicago teen who may cure colon cancer  – NY Daily News

Published July 25, 2014 by therasberrypalace

Keven Stonewall, 19, is passionate about creating a vaccine that will cure colon cancer. The teenager from Chicago’s South Side interned at Rush University while he was still in high school, and the results of his experiments have earned him numerous awards.

via Meet the Chicago teen who may cure colon cancer  – NY Daily News.

Open Letter to Bill O Reilly re Civil Rights and Same Sex Attraction

Published July 25, 2014 by therasberrypalace

You read an email last night that made the discrimination against blacks the equivalent of so called “discrimination” against people attracted to people of the same gender.

It’s not equivalent and it drives me crazy when people try to make race the same as sexual propensity.

Comparing the struggle of Jackie Robinson to a gay football player? I don’t think so.

Tony Dungy felt that letting(i’m assuming openly practicing)’gays’ would be distraction to an all male football team. Why doesn’t that make sense?

Let’s take a step back though and consider the difference between race and who people want to have sex with.

Skin color is biological. Skin color is determined mainly by a pigment.Melanin.

There is no biological cause for same sex attraction. Besides sexual behavior is a matter of choice. A married person can be faithful or choose to commit adultery. It’s not as if people have no choice but to have sex with every human being they come into contact with.We control our own behaviors. I understand that a ‘gay’ person may not have control over who they’re attracted to,but like every other  human being we can control who we do or don’t have sexual relations with. We’re not dogs.
There’s the difference Mr O Reilly.i find it very offensive to equate the struggle of blacks in our country to achieve civil rights with homosexuals promoting a ‘gay’ agenda.it’s not the same thing.







What About Beatitudes?

Published July 25, 2014 by therasberrypalace

Originally posted on Catholic Sensibility:

TissotBeatitudesIn the Friday round-up, David Gibson at RNS noted this image captured at a South Carolina McDonald’s. Which leaves some questions in my mind …

Does remembering the Sabbath to keep it holy have any impact on how a fast food restaurant does business on Sunday? I mean: one might suggest it close for business, but at the very least do employees get time off to go to church? Super-sized lunch breaks at mid-morning?

When a manager authorizes this, does it represent a personal commitment to virtue, or is it just a publicity statement? Or worse, is it a suggestion that other people need to beef up their morality?

Do you smell a lawsuit coming?

About a decade ago, a parishioner tried to foist a pre-fab Ten Commandments monument on the parish. With Knights of Columbus funding, he was successful. But I wondered then, as I wonder now, why so many…

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