Open Letter to @NewtGingrich @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani

tonight was the night got word of RudyGiuliani

withdrawing consideration for a position in the Trump administration and instead preferred to go back to his private life.

First of all,let me say i voted for and support Donald Trump 100%. I am at this point totally disgusted(and tired of)all the nonsense from people NOT accepting the results of the election,the obvious media bias against him and their disdain for the majority of the American people and the worst of the bunch,the Never Trumpers. Trump won this election fair and square after a heck of a battle with all this stacked against him. I can’t think of a person who earned the office more than he did.

Time to quit the nonsense and move ahead. We have a country in serious trouble-in spite of what the media and Obama administration keep shoving as information.No,everything is NOT coming up roses. Why do they think Trump won and the Congress is under Republican control now?

I wanted to make it clear here that i am not and would never attack our new Pres Trump. He gets enough of that. He is going to need our support.[ I will write about that another day.]

I do want to say that the news about Mr Rudy was horrible. There was no reason not to appoint him as Secretary of State.

Here’s my take: He was up for consideration from the beginning of the process.We know for a fact he was on the list and that he wanted the position.No secret. Definitely a good choice. The next thing we knew Romney was meeting with Trump  and he was up for consideration on the list with Rudy.

This was a ‘what the heck moment’ for me. Here’s loyal Rudy,who stood by Trump,went on the campaign trail with him and a lifetime friend of Mr Trump’s. Now here’s this back stabbing Romney who went out of his way to attack Trump. In fact,worked ACTIVELY to destroy him. I can’t think of a worse person to appoint in the Trump administration.He went BEYOND competitive politics.

We all know there was some wrangling in the transition team. It was no secret.I doubt it was as bad as the media would hype it up to be but i do think there was a major disagreement.

I’m all for keeping the machinations of a transition team private and with good reason.We honestly don’t need to know every detail anyway.People ARE people and there’s bound to be disagreements.The press makes big issues out of these things and use them for ulterior motives. It did get out in the public though.There’s no denying it.

As soon as it did the Trump supporters-me included-hair went on fire.Never Romney.Seriously. I hope people understand this  is why Romney lost the election. It was partly because he didn’t campaign well-it was MOSTLY because a lot of people just wouldn’t vote for him.I did-of course i totally regret it now-but that was not a for Romney vote. It was a not Obama vote.That’s why Romney lost.You couldn’t pay some people to vote for him and after what he tried to do to Trump, i can understand why.I lost the respect i gained for him with his gracious concession.

Personally  I think Rudy wanted the SOS spot and when this rumble about Romney came up it  was the last straw.

How could anyone consider a snake like Romney on the same list as  a loyal friend like Rudy? You bury the hatchet with Romney,wish him well,then move on.That’s it.

That’s my take and i don’t think the Rudy “wants to go back to private life” passes the smell test. I think he’s just attempting to depart well and save face for his good friend Trump and himself both.  I honestly believe it was when Romney entered the picture and Rudy was not a sure pick that Rudy decided to back out. I could be wrong but i doubt it.I do believe the part where he and Rudy will always be good friends and there’s no animosity. I am also convinced Rudy is STILL the best choice and should be given Secretary of State.If he wants to go back into private life then,after he’s appointed,i wouldn’t think twice about his decision. It would seem legit.

I hear Huntsman is being considered. He speaks Mandrian Chinese.Big deal. Who cares?
Rudy is THE best choice Trump has.
What do you think Newt? I know you and a lot of other good people felt he was THE best choice too.Your take?  Do you think Rudy honestly wanted to withdraw? My husband and I greatly admire you-and glad you’re out of politics btw. IF you tell me you think it’s the GOSPEL truth then i can put it to rest. IF you think Rudy withdrew  for other reasons do you have any influence with the Trump transition team at all? I don’t know much about inside baseball on these things. I figured if anyone would know,you would.I don’t want to criticize Trump either.He’s a good man.i do want to see him succeed though.Rudy is STILL the one for Secretary of State!   Highly qualified.None better.

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A article attempting to discredit a Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group news story revealing that millions of Department of State tax dollars were sent to a charity created by Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter was loaded with factual errors and omissions.The Peace Corps awarded more than $9 million of State Department money to Dr. Vanessa Kerry’s nonprofit for a program she established in conjunction with officials from both agencies. Most of those funds were awarded while Kerry’s father was the nation’s chief diplomat.The DCNF’s Sept. 12, 2016, article by Investigative Group reporter Ethan Barton was based entirely on multiple government documents and thorough research. The Sept. 12 story was the first of nearly a dozen Kerry writer David Emery criticized TheDCNF’s reporting nearly three months later in a Thursday article, but presented no evidence that refuted TheDCNF’s findings. The so-called “investigator of urban legends, rumors, hoaxes & all manner of codswallop,” according to his Twitter bio, also made numerous false statements, starting with the first sentence.

Source: Snopes Omits Key Details To Protect Kerry’s State Dept | The Daily Caller

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I know it’s been said a 1,000 times-so the  1,001 time is not going to hurt  a thing-that we’ve been blessed to live in one of the greatest countries in the world. We don’t have a perfect form of government (because none exist)but our founders set us on a course we can truly appreciate.They were remarkable men.

It is because of them the opening of our Constitution reads WE THE PEOPLE.So as you go to cast your vote on Dec 19 for the 45th President of the United States consider those words.

When you signed on to be an electorate member you knew you could be casting your vote for the nominee of your party. You knew that Donald Trump was one of the candidates. You had to consider that he was as likely as any of the other candidates to win the nomination. There was plenty of time between the time when the process started and Dec 19 to consider the possibility.When he did win the nomination and ran against Hillary Clinton there was at least that much time between then and Nov 8 to consider he could be elected the 45th President of the United States.

You UNDERSTOOD that the role of the electorate members was to cast the vote to reflect the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and you PLEDGED to do same.You now say that you have to vote your conscience. Well,a clear  conscience says you should be a person of your word willing to live up to the responsibility you signed up for and that in spite of your personal feelings about the Pres Elect  you respect our form of government and the will of the people-as in WE THE PEOPLE.You do this for the common good and and  our peaceful transfer of power.What makes these electors any different than the Clinton supporters who simply cannot accept the outcome of a free and fair election?

I also read the statement from another elector who said that Donald Trump was not a biblical candidate and intended to go down the same path as Suprun. I have 2 questions  :if this is the standard where was it in previous elections?

The 2nd question is when did we decide that a requirement for our Presidents was perfection? As a Christian i have always understood that there was only 1 person who ever met that standard.

Finally, if one is not happy with the outcome of an election the office of President does have a 4 yr term limit and we’re free to cast our vote for a person of our choice after that term. All Presidents have a limit of power and there are remedies in the Constitution for a  President that does something so egregious it would warrant impeachment.Whatever personal feelings these 2 people might have about Trump it does not  warrant the crisis in confidence throwing an election would have on the country. Please go home and let the country move forward if you can’t keep the pledge you made.

Our system of elections has  worked well so far.We are not governed by a small group of people who decide our elections for us. To go down that road-having the electoral college usurp the will of the people-is setting a terrible precedent. The founders were brilliant in setting up this system.It was a compromise to ensure that such a thing didn’t happen;where the states with a large population decided for the other states or where a handful of people decided for everyone.I’m sorry,but that’s a dangerous road to go down.

The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens


It’s been a brutal  year for the American people. Let’s get it done and move on.As for Trump;even if you personally don’t care for the man you can at least be honest and admit he has surrounded himself with good people. He’s pulling together a top notch cabinet and his choice for VP was a darned good choice.He’s going to need our support.

If he doesn’t live up the office he’s freely and fairly won then vote him out in 4 yrs but you at least give the people who elected him the benefit of the doubt.BTW,you’re not just rejecting Trump. You’re rejecting millions of voters who worked their hearts out to get him elected and playing into the hands of the other side.I  understand that Chris Supron met with anti American George Soros. If this is true he needs to own up to it.