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TGP Pro-Shot Photos of Trump Rally in West Palm Beach, FL Part One

Source: TGP Pro-Shot Photos of Trump Rally in West Palm Beach, FL Part One

WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING,5 star documentary on Saul Alinsky.A MUST see


“WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING”,SCHEDULE. DON’T MISS!! A MUST SEE. Then you will  understand Podesta’s comments on the Catholic Church as well as why Hillary Clinton didn’t apologize or fire Podesta. 

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Operation Stop Soros – Crowd sourced weaponized autism! – #StopSoros : The_Donald


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Such A Great Man (Edited)



  1. wet work(Noun)

    Covert assassination performed by government operatives.

    It’s not a statement.It’s a question. I can’t find the email where wetworks is mentioned FIRST .The reply is about wet works(at least that part)& he’s obviously being sarcastic or tongue and cheek about it.He KNOWS what it means.

  2. That’s all you can ascertain here.He is clear it doesn’t mean these pool parties they probably  attend at a location  or maybe  a specific resort called the Vineyard.I was thinking Martha’s Vineyard but it could mean just about any place.”I’m all in” and “it could be a bad night” has no context at all.There is no way of telling here what he means,but that’s  the part that bothers me most.There is no context. Nothing to refer to. I’ve never been into conspiracy theories.All I’m saying here is that the email is so cryptic it’s annoying.There is an email re Justice Scalia’s death written 3 days from the time this email was written. I would consider that mere coincidence. There’s really no way to conclude otherwise(for now).

I’m not going to jump to conclusions here. On the other hand i don’t put ANYTHING past this crew either.We’ll leave it at that.I just wish we could find out why they even mentioned wet works.Who brings it up in general conversation? 

@realDonaldTrump @mike_pence @SpeakerRyan @Reince Let me spell it out

What has happened to our country? What has happened to the words,WE THE PEOPLE?

The American people overwhelmingly chose Donald Trump as their nominee for the Republican party. He beat out 17 other candidates. On the other side, Hillary Clinton didn’t beat out any competition, because there was none. You can’t count Bernie Sanders because they rigged the system against him, to make sure Hillary was crowned.I don’t agree with Sanders on many issues but i can certainly see where he and his supporters were unfairly treated by their own party.

For  some in the Republican party  the Trump win was a huge disappointment.The people at the top didn’t get to do a coronation of one of their own, like the Democrat party did. They had their list of typical names and i think anyone one of those would have suited them.I do know the folks on the ground here were adamant about no more Bush’s,no more Clinton’s.They simply weren’t going to elect another Bush*. They also decided they wanted Trump.Obviously,they made him their nominee via their vote.

Jeb Bush,Mitt Romney and a handful of Never Trumpers actually held some secret and not so secret meetings to plot and plan how to take down Trump. They even went into some states to actively campaign against him;to keep his delegate number under the required 237. Trump hit that and then some.

Ted Cruz then got up and did that horrible vote your conscience and only vote down ballot speech;that is,the  don’t vote Trump speech.

I think  Ryan et al finally  realized the first Never Trump plot failed.They couldn’t keep him from the nomination.So now they had to go into plot 2. They would cause him to lose the general election,blame Trump and run their candidate in 2020.More on the stupidity of that scheme in the near future.

Plot 2 wasn’t going so well as the American people had already ENTHUSIASTICALLY decided they wanted Trump as their President.So the Never Trumpers had to come up with plot 3.Plot 3 would be more or less clandestine.Some was up front, such as when Ryan decided that unless Trump would kow tow. he would not bestow his endorsement. Other actions would be hidden unlike the first 2 plots.They must have figured better to diss the election under the radar to cover themselves. Maybe if people didn’t see what was going on their plot would work out.They were like vultures waiting to pounce.

So my take is this;What makes them any different than the Democrats who plotted to take out Bernie Sanders? Answer:Not a lick of difference.The ONLY difference was the outcome.Bernie got taken out and folded. Trump didn’t get taken out and marched on.

There is one other difference. The Democrats(most of them)unified behind their nominee. Corrupt though she may be,they got behind her. They know if they stick together they can get Hillary to the White House.Who knew they would get help from the Republican party too?

Meantime over in Never Trump land-the land of ‘we are better than the rest of you ‘ land-they undermined Trump every chance they got. The people supporting him swelled to huge numbers. Unstoppable.They kept trying a little dig here and a little dig there hoping to have him die by a thousand cuts.It didn’t work.

Meantime there was one piece of info  they considered to be the  missle  in their arsenal.

A tape from 2005 in the hands of a Bush;Jeb Bush’s cousin.

You know,Jeb the Never Trumper. So who got hold of it and made sure it leaked? Paul Ryan.

The Never Trumpers went crazy.There it is.He’s not fit to be President.

So here they go taking the moral high ground and saying he’s no conservative at all.

For one,Trump never pretended to be something he wasn’t. His escapades as a kind of play boy were well known for years. The tape was from 2005 BEFORE he married Melania.

He apologized to the American people publicly. i get it.Most of us get it.I wouldn’t be so sure Ryan and others were REALLY taking the moral high ground either.It’s called POLITICS.
Of course the liberals suddenly discovered their selective ‘morality’.These Never Trump Republicans did the usual and permitted what the liberals thought to matter. As for me and many other Americans we know that people are flawed. We hold our candidates to a high standard but we also don’t hold them to perfection because that isn’t going to happen.We don’t believe-like Hillary Clinton does-that people are irreedemable.I’m not defending what Mr Trump said that day to Bush. Of course not.I am also looking at it in a larger context because it is playing out in a larger context.I also think Mr Trump was entitled to the expectation of privacy in a PRIVATE  conversation that didn’t affect the national security of our country or life and limb of another person.By the way- for those that seem confused-it was a CONVERSATION,not an assault.

I also honestly believe Mr Trump was sorry.NOBODY  can ever say they didn’t do something they regretted.
As for Paul Ryan and his little gang of Never Trumpers? I think it’s time for Reince to show Ryan the door.Seriously.

This plan to have Trump lose,blame Trump and win in 2020 is destructive. Not just to the party (that’s small potatos)but to the country;especially the American people who clearly can’t wait to vote for Mr Trump. You see Hillary Clinton’s first act will be to ensure for herself the win in 2020 by granting amnesty or by some executive action that illegal aliens will be able to vote.

I will also say this; if Donald Trump can’t beat the Clinton’s, no one can. In fact, I will make the statement that Donald Trump is the only candidate of those 17 that has a chance of beating the Clinton’s and he will. However,if by some chance the Never Trumpers got their wish and Hillary actually won …2020 wouldn’t matter. We would not have a country left to save let alone the Republican party. It’s not even about party this time. Both parties have become so self involved at the top-their little clubs-that they forgot the most important part of our Republic.We the people.

What is most sickening is that  the media and institutions are in collusion with the Clinton campaign and the Never Trumpers ,to take out Trump and support Hillary. Paul Ryan,Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush et al are supporting that? Yep. Afraid so.It’s called CORRUPTION and they’re involved in it. Yet,they have convinced themselves they’re taking the high moral and conservative ground and we’re just ignorant people who don’t know better.

Reince has 1 choice. Ryan must step down and if Reince can’t take that position and get his house in order, then for me at least ,it cast suspicions that he and Ryan are too close for comfort. I will give Reince the benefit of the doubt for now. Ryan? No way.

I look at all the crap going on and it’s just plain heartbreaking  but the Trump victory-our victory- is going to be the day we  get to celebrate.Our household can’t wait to vote for Mr Trump!!

*Trump or no Trump, i don’t think Jeb would have made it.People out here were so totally against it. The thinking was,we don’t do dynasties. He had too big a hurdle to overcome.Jeb and his pals are putting ALL the blame for Jeb’s demise on Trump.

We Are Calling on Speaker Ryan to Step Down

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Politically correct “Social Justice Warrior,” and complete MORON Paul Ryan is busy once again helping his good friends Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by attacking his own party’s frontrunner.  And in doing so, Paul Ryan is actively working to help the Democrats secure the White House.

Thanks to Paul Ryan’s incorrect and hysterical statements referring to Trump as a RACIST, over an issue Ryan clearly does not understand, Obama’s White House is now taking his word as “gospel” and referring to Trump a “racist.”

What Paul Ryan said about Donald Trump is false. Ryan’s irresponsible comments were based on his own ignorance of the facts, fear-mongering, and outright lies.

We believe that The Speaker of The House is working tirelessly to usurp the will of the people by lying and slandering the frontrunner of his own party.

Based on Paul Ryan’s words and actions we…

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Open Letter to Chris Wallace:Just call me crazy

Yes,you can just call me crazy but it’d be something to have 1 moderator,out of this whole election season, who had the American voter in mind.IMHO every debate mod we’ve had so far should be barred from ever moderating another debate again.I’ll mention no names here.Let’s get right to the point.

I don’t expect you to go into this debate as the President of the Donald J.Trump fan club.I could care less whether you like or don’t like Mr Trump.All i ask is that you don’t go in there to do the moderator rumble. Be fair.Period.This isn’t the moment to find out how many gotcha questions you can get away with.We don’t want softball questions either.I’m not suggesting that for a moment.I can tell you that the American people don’t care about a private conversation Mr Trump had on a bus some 11-12 years ago that doesn’t affect our lives personally,  let alone the future of our country.

We expect a moderator,not a cheerleader. Basically it.

The Merriam-Webster [simple]definition of moderator: someone who leads a discussion in a group and tells each person when to speak : someone who moderates a meeting or discussion

I will say this, Mr Trump never suggested to his supporters that he lived a pure and chaste life prior to his marriage to Melania Trump. In fact i believe if you looked back at his past, his relationships were plastered all over the front pages of various newspapers and magazines. It’s not as if he buried any bodies so let’s move on.He certainly doesn’t intend to compromise the integrity of the White House. We’re not electing the Pope.

What matters to the American people is the direction the country is headed in.We get it.

We’re in decline barreling towards socialism. The economy isn’t growing.We’re steeped in massive debt with nothing  to show for it.Much of the blame for that falls on Pres Obama;but the Republicans haven’t exactly been stellar either.If it doesn’t get turned around soon,we may not recover at all.

Immigration is very important to the American people.They’ve been waiting since Ronald Reagan for someone to fix a broken system,even he was not able to fix.Not for lack of desire either.We’re at the point where it’s now or never.

Safety and Security is another issue important to voters. How many terrorist attacks have we had since Obama took office? We’ve had the attitude that we stand a better chance of getting struck by lightning only to find out an attack can happen almost anywhere.I don’t know anyone stupid enough to stand out in the middle of a golf course during a severe storm either.I think deep down people are subconsciously just waiting for the next attack.It has affected our psyche.We don’t get a sense that our current President is with the program.

Last but not least is the plight of the inner cities where crime,drugs and unemployment are at record highs. All the things that should be trending down are trending up,ie crime.All the things that should be trending up,are trending down,ie jobs.

The elephant in the room is not the BB tape that got leaked(side note:there’s more to that than meets the eye and we know it);what’s bothering the American people is the level of corruption in our government and instituions . It’s very disturbing.

For the sake of the American people can you please pick the topics that are important to them?  I know cable news networks have their own agenda,like ratings.We’re fine with that.It’s a trade.You get the ratings.I hope they go through the roof.Fair? We get informed.

Remember that one of those 2 people you’re moderating will go onto to be the next President of the United States-it’s your job to help us decide who WE think it should be.Not who  you think it should be.

I hope for our sake you will be the one moderator that gets the job done.[I’d be shocked after what we’ve seen so far.]

Thank God the election is almost over.This has been the election that lasted forever.We just want to vote and move on.

@theratzpack the boot by Twitter

Twitter gave me the boot out the door-aka Twitter gulag-under @theratzpack account.Still not 100% sure what the major transgression was.Then i got the boot from my back up Twitter account-the one i keep on hand just in case.Finally,set up a brand new THIRD account. A back up for the back up. Now i can’t get into the main account,that is @theratzpack or the BRAND NEW back up account.For some strange reason-an anomaly or glitch-i actually logged into the original back up account.

Of course,the one i WANT to get back into is @theratzpack. MOST of my DEPLORABLE friends are on that one.If i could get Twitter to accept our phone no it might be possible.

I keep getting a invalid phone no something or other message. *SIGH*

So much for the hair pulling  & censorship at Twitter. Have a account now  :)

I do want to mention something i noticed when i set up the brand new  Twitter account.Right off the bat you run into Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account. Hmmm? Make of that what you will but my take is that they’re not hiding their support of Clinton.The sad part is that i’m not even shocked.You?

I’ll see what can be done this week,if anything. Meantime you can catch me at the other account.I’m trying to find all the Deplorabes again and give a follow.

So i may find you first.

Also,anyone who would like a custom made twitter header-exact size-give me a holler and I’ll whip one up for you.Just give some ideas of what you’d like. No charge of course.Mention you’re a Deplorable and will ‘get er done.’

 The same person🙂

(And there is a 3rd)


October Cat @alexa_wotus




The Media:Trust No One @mike_pence @realDonaldTrump


Forget the polls too.

If you think I’m going to comment on Trump’s PRIVATE CONVO from 11 yr ago you guessed wrong.Yes,11 years ago.The media edited the tape to make it appear as if Trump made the comments WHEN he was married to Melania.Nope.He was SINGLE at the time.

I also get that Gov Mike Pence is a terrific VP choice and won the debate against. Kaine.Kaine is a bizzare man.I could beat him.What it did highlight is Trump’s good judgement and Hillary’s TERRIBLE judgement.

I also got word the ESTABLISHMENT GOP-aka Never Trumper’s have been or at least RUMORED to have been putting pressure on Pence to drop out.They’re assinine.I  think Pence is smart enough to get the gist of what is going on.The people now claiming they can’t support Trump never supported him in the first place. Pence is a good man but these GOP hacks are sanctimonious and frankly not too bright.They live and die by  how things look in the media.

Ok.Trump was lewd but he was also entitled to a private conversation.End of story.

Want to know the truth? I don’t really care.

No,i am not a man.I’m a happily married woman.

No,i have NEVER read 50 shades of grey.Not interested.

The last 2 books i read were Killing Reagan by Bill O Reilly and a used Hell To Pay, about Hillary Clinton, by Barbara Olson.The  next books i hope to read are Legends and Lies,the Patriots(again by Bill O Reilly) and Benedict XVI Last Testament about Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI. Movies? Favorite will always be the Matrix. The next movies i plan to watch are 13 Hours and Hillary’s America. As far as tv goes we stick with the old Gunsmoke and Bonanza. Racy? Never.I still don’t care what Donald Trump said 11 yr ago in a PRIVATE conversation that doesn’t affect me one iota. This is not rocket science.

When i woke up today the media was still in the tank for Hillary Clinton.The FBI was still corrupt. The DOJ was still corrupt. The IRS was still corrupt. The VA administration is still a huge disaster.Obama is still as weak and feckless as he ever was. If Hillary Clinton’s lips are moving she’s still lying.

The economy-in spite of what our corrupt government is still telling us-is heading down the tubes.You wouldn’t know it if you tune into any of the media.Can you say Banana Republic?

Here you have the GOP establishment worried about 1 thing.Their own skin. They’ve had a whole bunch of hearings where they get to pontificate and act tough. Obama’s been in office for how long?They stopped him how many times? BTW. Who was it that approved of Obama’s appointments to the DOJ? Yep,the Republicans.

Let’s get back to our wonderful unbiased news media though. Damned near every story they report is tailored to assist the Clinton campaign. So the GOP establishment goes crazy and helps them out.It all comes down to;how does it LOOK. Nothing to do with reality on the ground.

Truth is,they’re all talk and no action politicians. We get how they work.

Truth is,you can’t trust the lap dog media or the polls.

As for me personally;am a Christian. What does that mean to me when i hear that Donald Trump made some lewd comments? Know what it REALLY means to me.You stand by a good but flawed man in the face of huge adversity.PERIOD.

Here is the real story :