Alexa Marie entries @alexa_wotus

Published February 7, 2016 by therasberrypalace

My husband has asked me several times why i insist on doing the Alexa Marie entries when i know very well she’ll never see them-or at least never use them.

To be honest-I don’t know other than i really put heart and soul into them.I think that’s reason enough. We don’t need credit for everything we do.Sometimes you just have to do something you put your heart into.Maybe i’m obsessed. It could be.
First i look for frames that have her favorite colors.I’m assuming that’s pink,purple,lavender and blue.

For some photos i pick a bold color like red because it simply stands out with her photo. From time to time I’ll go with a black and white frame for  a mood her picture seems to express.

I avoid frames with text, especially words such as, i love you.I don’t feel right in saying that because i hardly know the person.From what i do know-have learned at a distance-is that i feel an admiration of  her.

Next i do the logo of her name,Alexa Maria.Sometimes i feel it should be elegant.Other times whimsical.Love whimsical. Other times it’s in fun ie the smilie font.I choose a color that matches the color in the frame-or highlights a particular color in a frame. It’s sometimes hard to get a color here because of the background. Not all colors stand out here that well.

After that i spend HOURS (and i do mean HOURS)searching for just the right image to fit a theme i’ve picked. There is always a thought i want to convey in the post.They have to be eye catching images. 

I’ll look through quotes. It takes forever. There’s nothing worse than platitudes.

It usually ends up being from a book or an author or  even a famous person like Einstein or Anne Frank. Sometimes it ends up being a quote from a total unknown.

Occasionally i go for a animated gif with an idea in mind.

Good luck there too.If i see one more animation with falling rain (or snow)or glitter  I’ll lose it. Then there’s the zillions of immodest images even in anime(which i can’t stand anyway).

I have to find that unique animated gif or at least something that’s eye catching;sometimes  the simple meme,quote,image or gif is just the ticket!

I think to myself, if she ever did see these what would i want her to take away from it?

That’s the important part .Glib just won’t do.You can probably catch some of her interests  from the entries. Ballet,dance,cats,love of animals and a youthful (but wholesome)exuberance.

You can almost catch what she’s thinking from her eyes-and that always warm smile(when she smiles).

She also has my mothers name sake,Marie. I love that.


every day.











Debating whether to watch the Debate or NOT

Published February 6, 2016 by therasberrypalace

You want honesty? Well,i skipped the last 2 Republican debates(would never have bothered with the nonsense on the Democratic side)and voted Trump  in every poll.
Personally,i don’t care who ‘wins’ the debate.I care who wins the race,period.

Reince Prebius ,for some God forsaken reason, decided the Republicans should hold 9.

There’s all the chicanery going on and what has Reince had to offer? Nothing.


So much for the chairman of the Republican party;also a GOPe kind of guy.

What about the debates? You mean 2 hours of reality tv done by the networks for ratings.

So i’ll do my part again. Read the transcript. Check out the twitter feed. Vote Trump.

We know very well there’ll be a replay and plenty of sound bytes everywhere.

I quit watching after Faux News tried to take out Trump the first time.

I want this election over. Time is running out. We have to get a nominee soon.

The real battle is the other side.

Trump must win. Cruz is a snake. Bush doesn’t have a prayer. Rubio is Obomo on the Republican side.

Nobody else is going anywhere fast. I don’t get why most of them are on the stage they’re polling so low.

Nuff said. I can’t wait until the New Hampshire primary really gets this race going.

New Hampshire is Trump country and from there he runs the table.

Buh Bye GOPe. 

Question: Think i SHOULD watch? 




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