Commonsense & Wonder: It’s no Camelot! Caroline Kennedy’s oversight of Japanese embassy slammed. Democrats rewarding incompetence.

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The State Department’s internal watchdog leveled biting criticism at the management style of U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy in a new audit on Tuesday, citing “confusion among staff” and “major management challenges” in key offices at the Tokyo embassy. And in an echo of the email woes plaguing former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, the inspection by the department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) specifically faulted Ms. Kennedy, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy and President Obama’s personal pick for the job, and her aides for using “personal email accounts to send and receive messages containing official business.” The 64-page audit, which included 65 recommendations to improve operations, identified a number of other shortcomings, including a focus by embassy analysts on daily reporting at the expense of developing contacts in the country; an uneven performance from diplomatic satellite offices; and hiring levels in the political, economic and consular sections that were “greater than [the] workload warrants.”

Source: Commonsense & Wonder: It’s no Camelot! Caroline Kennedy’s oversight of Japanese embassy slammed. Democrats rewarding incompetence.

Report: Over 100 Catholic colleges have relationships with Planned Parenthood | News | LifeSite

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MANASSAS, VA, August 31, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) recently updated a previous report on Catholic colleges with relationships to Planned Parenthood, revealing that a shocking number of Catholic institutions are still affiliated with the nation’s largest abortion provider. Prompted by the unfolding Planned Parenthood baby body part trafficking scandal, CNS’s new report found 63 new or continued relationships with the abortion giant or its representatives since CNS’s 2011 report, when more than 150 cases were found of Catholic colleges with ties to Planned Parenthood. “Every one of the relationships that we expose in this report ought to appall any Catholic who values human life and relies on Catholic educators to teach in complete fidelity to the Catholic faith,” the CNS report stated. “The scandal is only greater because of the recent revelations of the abhorrent practices at Planned Parenthood.” These connections consist of referrals to Planned Parenthood for “health” services, internships and fellowships with Planned Parenthood, employees’ past work with Planned Parenthood, and other ties. The new report, titled “A More Scandalous Relationship: Catholic Colleges and Planned Parenthood,” shows a high concentration of Jesuit colleges. CNS was able to make the discoveries in the report entirely through online eviden

Source: Report: Over 100 Catholic colleges have relationships with Planned Parenthood | News | LifeSite

A Good Way To Wake Up

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this would be a terrific way to wake up(although getting up on this side of the dirt is always awesome.thank you God!)but then i would have to realize it was ONLY a dream.
1. Obama packed up, headed to Chicago.We helped him.
2. Donald J Trump->sworn in as the next POTUS
3. Planned Parenthood-> investigated by the DOJ
4. Kids respected authority
5. The country wasn’t divided and we were back to the America i used to know
6. Finally,my family and i made up,said we’re sorry and moved on.
All a dream and now it’s late and i have to go to bed and dream.

nighty niteGod Bless!

let this sink in

VIDEO Sheriff MB Obama Started This War On Police – Senator: Attitudes About Cops Leading to ‘Injury and Death – BLM

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Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:

-Sheriff Addresses #BlackLivesMatter ‘Rhetoric’ in Press Conference on Executed Deputy
-Texas Podcast that Called for Killing Cops Goes Missing After Execution
Attitudes About Cops Leading to ‘Injury and Death,’ Says Black Louisiana State Senator
elbert guillory la sen
30 August 2015 by Lee Stranahan

As the long hot summer of 2015 ends and 2016 national elections are little more than a year away, America has seen both increased boldness and aggression from the far-left, establishment Democrat-backed Black Lives Matter movement, a surreal on-air homicide in Virgina by a black racist, and several brutal murders of police officers around the country. Aside from the shocking execution-style cop killing Friday night in Texas, earlier in the week, police officer Henry Nelson was killed in the line of duty in the small town of Sunset, Louisiana.

Breitbart News reached out to State Senator Elbert Guillory (R) , who represents the town of Sunset and knew Officer Nelson…

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Donald J Trump and the Abortion Question

Published August 30, 2015 by therasberrypalace

life begins

when human life begins
Simple.The question has been answered.It’s not a matter of opinion.It is protected by the Constitution.When our country was founded and our Constitution was written they never intended to do baby killing.
If you’re offended by the comments let me know why.
Dispute it.
As for this years race to the White House we are going to look into the question of life vs death.
I did NOT vote for Barack Obama.I KNEW he was pro abortion.(He was also pro same sex ‘marriage’ and lied about it. It was obvious to some of us).
The pro abortion lobby is very strong. They will utterly destroy you if they know you are pro life and running for office. Just ask Clarance Thomas.
Many Republicans are afraid to admit they are pro life and the ones that do get shut down by the left.Conservative Republican candidates are probably better off not to make it THE topic.Liberals know that and want to put social issues front and center THEN ACCUSE the Rep of wanting to make the social issues the topic,when it’s them.
There are pro life candidates who are pro life up to a point. They believe there can be exceptions.Sounds like a politically safe way to go. Some honestly believe that-but they’re not being intellectually honest and should think carefully.
Donald Trump,not unlike Ronald Reagan,says he became pro life.
We should welcome anyone who finally becomes pro life.I give Mr Trump the benefit of the doubt and take him at his word.Would that MORE ppl became pro life.I did hear him call for defunding Planned Parenthood and shortly after i think he modified that position saying there was some good that Planned Parenthood did.
I was taken aback by that change but he also said he would not have the funds go to abortion.I do have much difficulty with that-even though i think he’s saying that in good faith. It’s possible he really believes that even though it’s wrong.We’ll get specific about Planned Parenthood in the next blog entry.
I will be honest and say that the life issue is a deal breaker for me no matter how much i like a candidate.
The other problem we have is this: the Democratic candidate is ALWAYS going to be pro abortion.The Republican candidate must be able to win both the party nomination and the general election. Can’t win, doesn’t matter what position he/she has.
Trump can win. I like his other positions. He is a great candidate.Dilemma.On the other hand i cannot vote for him if he’s not going to be upfront on the abortion issue.
I will give some slack for a candidate who believes there are exceptions-i would rather not but there are too few that don’t.Yes,abortion could be the deal breaker with me for Trump.On the other hand if someone else doesn’t stand a chance to win that doesn’t make sense either and we can’t have a Dem win-they are definitely pro abortion.
I will not look the other way and just vote Trump.Decided that.
I did it once to elect a Pa governor who had the R in front of his name; he was pro abortion but i didn’t want a Democrat to win.Poor judgement on my part.Wrong choice.

Never take for granted that someone who is a Republican is also pro life.Not all Republicans are conservatives.I do not like some of the accusations being thrown at Mr Trump.You can never be sure that people who attack him-even on the life issues-are not doing it just to get you to change candidates or take him out.There are a lot of reasons i want to vote for Mr Trump. I believe he can win.There’s a good chance he will.Trump’s sister is pro abortion. It’s his sister.He does not have to appoint her as SCOTUS even if he says she would be ‘phenomenal'(she is his sister).He would have to say no due to conflict of interest.OBVIOUS.
I also want to make sure that Mr Trump is totally pro life and has not been pressured in some way to modify his position. I know the pressure can be great.If you’re pro life you stand the chance of losing a large demographic of voters on the other side;if you’re not pro life,you stand a chance of losing your own conservative base.
So what do you do?
stand up
Remember this abortionist,Kermit Gosnell? Recall everything he got away with before he got caught and ask yourself;how did he ever get away with it for so long? You see ‘legalizing’ abortion didn’t stop the abortionist.It just gave him/her a nice office,made him/her seem respectable and got the government to fund with tax payer money.It’s a lucrative business and the advocates are very well funded.They buy politicians too.If abortion is acceptable why do they keep it so covered up?

chose life


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