an open letter to @TheJuanWilliams in response to his Fox Opinion piece that evangelicals sold their souls

the story on Daniel’s can be summed up in 1 word: ALLEGED.I’m sorry Juan but we’ve seen this movie before. Evangelicals have seen the same story played out on many good people time and time again. When the damage is done, everyone vanishes.
Herman Cain went through it. Clarence Thomas went through it. We’ve watched these good people get torn to shreds. Yet,when it’s a liberal they get a pass.Not always,but let’s be honest,MOST of the time.When it’s a conservative or Republican their lives are often destroyed,their chance at office over and I’m sure it puts a terrible strain on their marriages and family. So if you think for a minute people give a fat rats butt about an ALLEGED affair that’s meant to destroy Trump you’re dead wrong.It’s not moral outrage on your part. Be honest. It comes down to 1 thing;DESTROYING Trump. 

The other problem with your opinion piece is this:

For a group that regularly preaches about the “sanctity of marriage” and inveighs against the evils of divorce, it was a major political puzzle to me when evangelicals first backed the thrice-married, adulterous Trump over Hillary Clinton.

She suffered years of public humiliation rather than breaking up her family, turning away from marriage vows and divorcing her philandering husband.

They’re  a group that preaches about a lot of things,much of which liberals show disdain for.Look at Joy Behar’s comment about Mike Pence.You’re doing exactly what the left always does. They point the finger at what evangelicals believe when they know very well they don’t have the time of day for ANYTHING evangelicals believe-much of which they don’t make any attempt to understand anyway.

As for Hillary’s motives in staying with Bill-who knows? Are you sure it’s because she’s got my some strong moral/ethical code we’re simply not aware of or is it because she and her husband have figured out that there are  more benefits in their staying married?

Here’s a belief we Catholics and evangelicals share-the call to repentance and the forgiveness of a loving God who gives people grace. It’s a basic tenet of Christianity.

What you do today matters more than what you did or may have done years ago,if you’re willing to repent.

All that aside though Juan,here’s the bottom line.I voted for Donald Trump to BE President,not Pope. Nobody voted for him to be their  pastor,preacher or minister.

Barack Obama had 1 marriage and NO alleged affairs. We get that. He also attacked the religious freedoms he took an oath to protect. Trump for all his flaws has protected our rights. Obama stood on the side of Muslims. Trump on the side of both Jews and Christians.

Trump gave us his word he would appoint conservative justices.He kept his word.

Then you wrote this doozy:

Hypocrisy that deep can’t be excused by Trump’s convenient switch from supporting abortion rights to opposing abortion.

There’s  a couple problems with your statement.If Pres Trump would have gone from pro life to pro abortion you’d be DEFENDING his changed position. The bigger problem is you are attributing a political motive to what MIGHT be a change of heart. I honestly have no opinion either way because i don’t know the man on that personal a level.Frankly,i don’t care why he changed;I only care THAT he changed and he’s willing to protect the lives of the unborn.Hillary wouldn’t.  I have heard past statements by Pres Trump on abortion long before he became a candidate. My take was that he wasn’t 100% pro life but he wasn’t comfortable with abortion either. I wouldn’t have considered him a pro abortion advocate on the order of a Hillary Clinton,Obama or Democrat party. Regardless,I’m just thankful he’s protecting life as President. I know Hillary Clinton would NEVER have done such a thing.

I’ll leave it to you to question his motives. I care about what he actually DOES.

I recall the Democrat party booing God at their convention.I remember Obama saying evangelicals clung to their bibles,religion and guns. We have seen over the years the left’s VISCOUS  attacks on the Christian faith and you wonder why Democrats can’t get the evangelical vote?
Evangelicals and Catholics also believe patriotism and love of country is a virtue.We respect law and order  & the altruistic service of our law enforcement officers and military.

“That was a long time ago,” Graham told CNN’s Don Lemon in dismissing the porn star story. “I’m more interested in who a person is today. I believe he’s a changed person.”

What about that statement don’t you understand Juan?

Graham saves his fiery condemnations for what he calls the “godless progressive agenda of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

It IS a godless progressive agenda.

You conclude: 

Now the acid of the Trump presidency is eating away at the integrity of leading evangelists and their supporters.

I had to roll my eyes at that one.

When Trump leaves office and one day a Democrat could be elected again tell me what you REALLY think about the integrity of leading evangelists and their supporters.I have a pretty good idea what the left thinks of evangelicals and Catholics[ in particular] and Christians in general.We have been the silent majority for too long.Trump gave us back our voice;whatever else we’re supposed to think about him (according to you)we know we now have our voice again.




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Frederick Douglass was a Christian and a patriot – why is this so hard for the left to accept?

Here’s the truth about Frederick Douglass: he was an unapologetic Christian minister and a patriotic American statesman—two distinctions that the left just can’t accept.

Source: Frederick Douglass was a Christian and a patriot – why is this so hard for the left to accept?

An active participant in church ministry, Douglass required his children to read an entire chapter of the Bible before dinner each night. Passing the book around the table, each child was expected to read a verse until the chapter was complete. Speaking on his own conversion to Christianity, Douglass wrote:

 “I finally found my burden lightened and my heart relieved. I loved all mankind, slaveholders not excepted, though I abhorred slavery more than ever.”

In fact, decades after being subjugated to the evils of the slave system, Douglass accepted his former master’s invitation to sit at his bedside as he took his last breaths. Somehow, even after enduring years in chains as another “christian” man’s property, Douglass demonstrated the powerful Christian ethic of loving one’s enemy.

Douglass’ faith can hardly be traced as the early “roots” of contemporary social justice movements. As one activist proudly stated, the Black Lives Matter has a “different” relationship with the church in that they only intend to “focus on the parts of scripture where Jesus challenges the Roman power structure rather than the parts about loving one’s enemies.”